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Top 10 of your favourite articles of 2023

Over the past year, we have taken you into the dynamic world of mobility through more than 121 articles. Well aware of the density of this source of information, we have carefully extracted the ten articles that generated the most interest in 2023. In this special edition, we invite you to discover our exclusive selection, highlighting the most striking and captivating subjects that have animated our media over the past year…

10. Mobility hubs: towards a more sustainable future through intermodality

In 10ᵉ position, discover how urban travel has changed over the last ten years, with intermodal mobility becoming the norm. How can we meet the challenges of this growing complexity and adopt greener means of transport? Dive into the world of mobility hubs, the rising stars in favour of intermodality.

9. The 9 best podcasts for mobility professionals in 2023

Urban mobility, connected mobility, smart city, micromobility, electric mobility, air mobility… For this 9ᵉ place, find the nine best mobility podcasts… Click through and enjoy a goldmine of recommendations and feedback from various recognised experts in the sector….

8. Summer Stop: The Super Apps, at the top of the travel industry

In 8ᵉ position, a look back at the first article in our “Summer Stop” edition. As mobile apps shake up the way we interact with the world around us, “Super Apps” are emerging as powerful entities combining a multitude of services. Find out how these apps have risen to the top of the travel industry in such a short space of time…

7. Mapping: Study of the car-sharing market in the world

As part of the trend away from car use, car-sharing is a real boon for towns and cities and their citizens. Over several months, we have scoured and examined hundreds of services to list them all for you. In this 7ᵉ place, discover the complete listing of carsharing players in the four corners of the world.

6. WWDC 2023: All the Apple Maps updates

In 6ᵉ position, find all the new Apple Plans updates and features that were announced on 5 June at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference event. Trust us, some of them (really) deserve your attention!

5. MaaS (Mobility as a Service) applications in France

Today, there are over a hundred MaaS solutions in every corner of the globe. In this article, we take a look at Europe, the cradle of Mobility-as-a-Service, and more specifically at France. Discover our benchmark identifying nearly 200 MaaS players.

4. “MaaF”, the promising trend of MaaS to follow ?

Today, MaaS is a recognised segment in its own right in the mobility sector. But according to two mobility experts, David Hensher and Sampo Hietanen, MaaS is about to be overtaken… For this 4ᵉ place, zoom in on MaaF, the new trend that is about to dethrone MaaS….

3. Bolt, in the process of buying out its competitor TIER

In third place, (re)discover the news that shook up the world of mobility. According to Sifted, German start-up TIER Mobility is currently engaged in advanced acquisition negotiations with its European competitor Bolt. Find out how TIER came to be in this situation…

2. Top 7 electric mobility events not to be missed in 2024

Unsurprisingly, second place went to one of our articles on mobility fairs and events. In 2023, it was the one focusing on electric mobility that particularly caught your interest. In 2024, there will be a number of unmissable events, which we describe in detail in this article.

1. TIER Mobility & Voi: A surprising announcement that stuns

It seems that the subject of the European micromobility market is more topical than ever, and is attracting a great deal of interest… As proof of this, the most widely read article this year deals with the potential ‘merger’ between Tier Mobility and its rival Voi Technology… An operation which, according to the few details divulged, should not cost all that much…