"Connecting the Mobility World",
as is the Lyko's slogan...

A leitmotiv that has driven us since 2018 to infuse our vision of the mobility of tomorrow. An ecosystem, in full bloom, driven by a mobility that must be more connected, more intergrated, more sustainable and more inclusive.

CONNECTED, due to the increased use of new technologies, leading to a change in the way people move. INTEGRATED, by promoting accessibility to transversal mobility beyond mobile applications on a daily basis SUSTAINABLE, following the transition to carbon neutrality in transportation. And finally, INCLUSIVE, by offering everyone
the freedom to move around as they wish…

A goal aimed at by all local authorities and mobility service providers
in the coming years. And it is in this line that we wanted to be at the initiative
 of the first professional media dedicated to mobility

An engaged and participative media
, offering to all these actors
the keys of actions to understand and contribute actively to these
new paradigms and contemporary stakes.

Beyond the informational aspect, it is a whole awareness and education undertaking that M2050 initiates. As a true pathfinder, we want to raise awareness of the various opportunities and challenges related to mobility, at the crossroads of a digital and energy transition.

An approach that should come from both public and private actors, but also from the citizens themselves. Indeed, each of them has a role to play and success is the result of everyone’s commitment. And it is for this reason that we wish to open the forum to all the protagonists who will take part in the change. And this, through expert forums, studies, polls, surveys…

With the aspiration of engaging and inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to act at their own level, for a more connected, integrated, sustainable and inclusive mobility by 2050!

So, ready to join the movement?

Feel free to submit your company, your project, your successes, a topic
or an idea for collaboration to our editorial team at :  redaction@m2050.media