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#1 Summer Stop: The Super Apps, at the top of the travel industry

In this first installment of Summer Stop, we take a look at the future of travel apps… In the modern digital age, mobile applications have profoundly transformed the way we interact with the world around us. Among them, “Super Apps” are emerging as powerful entities that combine a multitude of services within a single platform. These applications, which offer a new perspective on the travel industry, have spread rapidly, revolutionizing the entire ecosystem. In this article, find out how Super Apps have risen to the top of the travel industry in just a few years…

Uber, on the way to the Travel Super App by collaborating with a multimodal leader

Given the development of and growing demand for Super Apps, it was only to be expected that certain companies would get involved. Such is the case with Uber, which is aiming to become “a must-have travel app”. So it’s hardly surprising that the American giant has entered the travel Super App race. From booking a restaurant to driving a VTC to get there… countless services will be available… And to achieve this, the American giant has not hesitated to team up with online travel agencies…

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Flowbird’s MaaS app, Monapass becomes a Super App, thanks to Extended Monaco

In a world where more and more Super Apps are emerging as the ultimate solution, a new MaaS application has just been launched. Monapass, the must-have mobile application that makes it easier to get around Monaco, has just crossed the threshold of Super Apps thanks to a partnership with Extended Monaco that will enable them to offer more than 10 different services.

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Air Asia, changes course for its Super App…

Already present on the Super Apps market, AirAsia has seen the rapid development of travel Super Apps and has understood their importance. As a result, the airline has decided to refocus on a Super App dedicated solely to travel, with a host of services…

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Super apps : an opportunity for mobility companies in the West

Super Apps are ubiquitous in Asia, and are used by millions of people every day. It’s only recently that the European and American markets have taken up the subject… Which isn’t astounding, especially when you take a closer look at their performance…

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As you can see, these travel applications are the future of the sector… It’s already the end of this first Summer Stop, but don’t worry, we’ll be back next Wednesday for Summer Stop No. 2: “A dozen cities making things happen…”. Stay tuned until then.