Calendar of mobility events
not to be missed

Boost your business by customizing your mobility agenda with access to a powerful interactive tool categorizing mobility events from around the world.


More than 80 hand-picked
B2B exhibitions around the world

It’s not easy to list all the mobility events around the world, is it? Important dates, places, practical advice… Don’t worry, we’ve done everything to make your task easier… From Europe to Asia, through America and Africa or even Oceania, benefit, for the first time, from a 100% customizable online calendar allowing you to identify, filter and thus determine the most fruitful events for your business.

More than a simple calendar, it is the essential tool to manage your business strategy in a few clicks thanks to our filter.

Throughout the year, access a regularly updated calendar, so that you don’t miss any of the upcoming mobility events.

Smart City, MaaS, ticketing, urban mobility, rail, carbon-free mobility… There’s something for everyone, we guarantee it! 

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