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Mapping: Study of the car-sharing market in the world

As part of the trend in car use, car-sharing is now a real boon for both cities and citizens. Unlike traditional car rental, “car-sharing is characterised by the provision of self-service vehicles to users for the duration and destination of their choice. This is an emerging sector, which we have analysed by identifying the various operators in the market. For several months, we have scoured and examined hundreds of services to list all the operators according to the different types of car-sharing. Loop, direct track and free-floating… Discover, without further ado, the complete list of car-sharing operators in the four corners of the world.

Exclusively, an interactive spreadsheet to go further…

In just a few clicks, classify and compare all the car-sharing players as you wish. From the business model to the fleet and the coverage, segment the entire car-sharing competitive landscape. More than a simple spreadsheet, it is the essential tool to become unaware of the car-sharing market at the global level.

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The different types of car-sharing

Loop car-sharing

One of the most classic forms, dating back to 1988. A service similar to borrowing a vehicle from a dedicated station and returning it to the same station. A practice that has become widespread through regular use for a few hours. On average, less than five hours for a distance of 40 km according to the study on car-sharing 2022, conducted by ADEME. A one-off need leading most operators to offer the possibility of reserving for a given period and a monthly subscription, coupled with an hourly rate. An offer mainly favoured by users in dense urban areas, wishing to opt for suburban travel.

  • Ada (France)
  • Avalon Caresharing (Hungary)
  • Autoplateau (Canada)
  • Car Sharing Padova (Italy)
  • Carrot (Mexico)
  • Carmine (Morocco)
  • Cityhop (New Zealand)
  • Clem’ (France, Germany, Spain)
  • Coast Car Co-op (Canada)
  • Cride (South Africa)
  • Drive (United States)
  • DriveNow (Germany, UK, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland)
  • eGo carshare (United States) E-Vai (Italy) Flex (Luxembourg)
  • Flinkster (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Getaround (France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom)
  • GoGet (Australia)
  • Green Share Car (Australia)
  • GreenWheels (Netherlands)
  • Grüne (Germany)
  • Ithaca Carshare (United States)
  • Kinto Share (Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, USA, Argentina, Canada)
  • Kootenay Carshare Co-op (Canada)
  • Lulu Autopartage (France)
  • Marguerite (France)
  • Meridio (France)
  • Mìocar (United States)
  • Mobilize Share (France, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal)
  • Mobility (Switzerland)
  • My Keego (Argentina)
  • My wheels (Netherlands)
  • ÖBB Rail & Drive (Austria)
  • Optymo (France)
  • PopCAr (Australia)
  • SocialCar (France, Spain)
  • Toosla (France, Spain)
  • Turbi (Brazil)
  • Ubeeqo (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK)
  • Virtuo (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, UK)
  • Yuko (Ireland)
  • ZipCar (United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Iceland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom)

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One way car-sharing

Slightly different from loop car sharing. The latter is also based on the principles of home stations, with the exception of offering the user the possibility of returning his vehicle to the station of his choice. In other words, other than the one from which they started. A system that forces users to limit themselves to journeys mainly located in the city centre. A service usually used on average for less than an hour (40 minutes, to be precise) over a distance of about ten kilometres, according to a study carried out by the research bureau 6-7. This usage has led the operator not to offer advance reservations and to favour a per-kilometre rate.

  • Acciona (Spain, Italy)
  • Ajo (Czech Republic)
  • Amicar (Italy)
  • Aimo (Sweden)
  • Adduma Car (Italy)
  • Awto (Chile)
  • Avant2Go (Croatia, Slovenia)
  • Belka Car (Russia)
  • Bildeleringen (Norway)
  • Bilkollektivet (Norway)
  • BLueSG (Singapore)
  • Book-n-Drive (Germany)
  • Car4way (Czech Republic)
  • Carloh (Luxembourg)
  • Cambio (Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany)
  • Citiz (France) City Bee (Lithuania)
  • CityDrive (Russia)
  • CityScoot (France, Italy, Spain)
  • Co-wheels car clubs (England)
  • Communauto (France, Canada)
  • Cooltra (France, Spain, Italy, Portugal)
  • Corrente (Italy) Cosmos (Malaysia)
  • Delimobil (Russia)
  • Ekar (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  • Elooop (Austria, Germany)
  • Enjoy (Italy)
  • EnvoyThere (United States)
  • Eppo (Italy)
  • e-share Mobi (Japan)
  • Evo (Canada)
  • EVCard (China)
  • Familiy Of Power (Germany, Austria)
  • Get Man Car (Ukraine, Georgia)
  • GIG Carsharing (United States)
  • Go-sharing (Netherlands, Turkey, Italy)
  • Grünes Auto (Germany)
  • Green Mobility (Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands)
  • Haupcar (Thailand)
  • Lets Go (Denmark)
  • Mevo (Australia)
  • Miles Mobility (Germany)
  • Modo (Canada)
  • Modulauto (France)
  • Mol Limo (Hungary)
  • M-volvo car mobility (Sweden, United States)
  • Panek (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic)
  • Partago (Belgium)
  • Peg City Car Co-op (Canada)
  • Pogo Car Share (Canada)
  • Poppy (Belgium)
  • Regina Car Share (Canada)
  • Scouter (Germany)
  • Saskatoon CarShare Co-op (Canada)
  • ShareCar (Slovakia)
  • Sixt Share (France, Germany, Netherlands)
  • Spark (Lithuania)
  • SpinCity (Croatia)
  • Stadtmobil (Germany)
  • StadtTeilAuto (Germany)
  • StattAuto (Germany)
  • Tadaa ! (Denmark)
  • TimCar (Russia)
  • Troopy (France)
  • TravelCar (62 countries worldwide)
  • TribeCar (Singapore, Malaysia)
  • UDrive (United Arab Emirates, Dubai)
  • Uramobil (Russia)
  • Vozilla (Poland)
  • Witkar (Netherlands, Belgium)
  • Yandex (Russia, Hungary)
  • Yego (France, Spain)

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The latest small revolution in recent years, following the advent of self-service scooters. No more stations, subscriptions or advance reservations. The user can borrow a vehicle directly from the street and return it anywhere within a zone defined by the operator. This is a very flexible offer, favouring in the majority of cases use of less than one hour and less than 20 km, according to the National analysis of car-sharing 2022, carried out by the ADEME.

  • 4UsMobile (Italy)
  • Amber by Mywheels (Netherlands)
  • Anytime (Belarus)
  • Beast (Austria, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia)
  • Bolt Drive (Estonia, France, Lithuania, Latvia)
  • Caby (Romania) Cooltra (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal)
  • Carguru (Latvia)
  • Caroo (Greece)
  • Cityflitzer (Germany)
  • Citylink (Romania)
  • E-Go ! Drivalia (Italy)
  • Elmo (Estonia)
  • Emov by free2move (Spain, Portugal)
  • Felyx (Belgium, Netherlands)
  • Fiqsy (Latvia)
  • Free2move (France, Spain, United States)
  • GoCar Mobility (Malaysia)
  • GoTo (Spain)
  • Gougo (Spain)
  • GreenGo (Hungary)
  • Hello (Belarus)
  • Iodines (France)
  • Leo&Go (France)
  • Moov’in renault (France)
  • OX Drive (Latvia)
  • Playcar (Italy)
  • Rentmee (Russia)
  • Shaary (France)
  • Tier (Germany)
  • Traficar (Poland)
  • Totem mobi (France)
  • Vezuha (Belarus)
  • Voltio by Mutua (Spain)
  • Wheego (Germany)
  • Wible (Spain)
  • Yea! (France)
  • Zity (France, Spain, Italy)