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WWDC 2023: All the Apple Maps updates

At Apple’s WWDC 2023, the company unveiled some exciting updates to its Apple Maps app. These revolutionary new features promise to dramatically improve the navigation experience and provide users with a better understanding of their surroundings. In this article, we’ll explore the new Apple Maps updates and features that were announced at the event.

Improved navigation thanks to artificial intelligence

The new version of Apple Maps now incorporates advanced artificial intelligence technology to deliver an even smoother and more accurate navigation experience. Thanks to machine learning, the application can now analyse users’ travel habits and provide personalised routes based on their individual preferences. The application will be able to adapt to every need.

In addition, Apple Maps now uses real-time data to detect traffic conditions, accidents or roadworks, allowing users to avoid unnecessary delays and find their destination more quickly. Thanks to this feature, users will benefit from more reliable navigation and better time management.

Immersive exploration with augmented reality

Another major innovation from the American giant is the integration of augmented reality (AR) for an immersive exploration of places. Users will now be able to hold their mobile device in front of them and see virtual overlays showing points of interest, restaurants, shops and much more, directly on their screen. This feature will allow users to better understand their surroundings and discover new destinations interactively.

In addition, augmented reality in Apple Maps will allow users to view routes superimposed on the real world. All they have to do is follow the on-screen directions to get to their destination more easily. This revolutionary feature will make navigating unfamiliar places easier and provide an even more user-friendly experience for Apple Maps users.

New real-time contact position

The new update will make it possible to store maps locally. Apple suggests that users predefine the area around which they are located. It will also be possible to display information such as “the time, notes or detailed instructions for driving, walking, cycling or public transport”.

With iOS 17, Apple Maps will better integrate its contacts. You’ll still be able to search for addresses by looking up the contact’s name. These contacts will feed the suggestions when you search. What’s more, you won’t have to type the whole name, just the first few letters.

Locating will now be simpler for contacts who share their location with each other. Apple Maps will display not only the address recorded on the contact card, but also their last known position.

Sharing experiences and recommendations

Apple Maps is now offering a new system for sharing experiences between users. Users will be able to add ratings, photos and comments about specific places, creating a community for sharing useful information. This feature will allow users to obtain quality recommendations and share their own discoveries with other users of the application.

In addition, Apple Maps includes a personalised recommendations feature. By analysing users’ travel habits and preferences, the app will be able to suggest interesting places, such as restaurants, parks or museums, that match each user’s individual tastes. This feature aims to offer a more personalised experience and encourage users to explore new destinations.

Real-time electric charging stations

Apple Maps has finally announced its ability to display the availability of various fast-charging stations for electric vehicle users. The application should normally allow users to choose their charging network (Ionity, Fastned, Tesla, etc.). However, this feature is currently unavailable in Europe. A number of significant improvements, which will perhaps help Apple to surpass its long-standing rival Google.