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7 Killer Mobility Newsletters to subscribe to absolutely

Without doubt the best compilation for keeping an eye on all fronts… Whether you’re a team of Julyers, Augusters or Septemberers, the summer period is the perfect opportunity to get back on track. That’s why M2050 has put together a list of must-follow mobility newsletters, so that you can recharge your batteries and be sure of a constant source of news and information. Believe us, we’ve found you some rare gems, and even our own editorial staff have already subscribed to them!

M2050 by Lyko

We couldn’t start this list without talking about our newsletter, but don’t take this as a sign of pretension. Sent to you every third Thursday of the month, our newsletter is for everyone, from rookies to experts, desiring to stay alert to trends in terms of intelligent and sustainable mobility. 

Beyond our information role, we wanted to put “mobility at the heart of the debate”, by highlighting startups, solutions, cities and providers of innovative mobility, who act for a more connected, integrated, sustainable, and inclusive mobility. Wanna join the mouvement? That’s right here !

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Intelligent Transport

Serving the transportation industry for nearly 15 years now, Intelligent Transport has become a leader in public transportation information. Its newsletter, to not miss, will allow you to discover new technologies and innovations, covering the worlds of MaaS from A to Z, smart and connected cities, travel security, etc.

If you’re still not convinced, think that about 11,000 top decision makers in Europe consult the Information through Intelligent Transport, if that is not proof that this newsletter is not to be missed !



CITTI is committed to cover the ever-changing issues and innovations in urban transportation.

Both a weekly newsletter and a digital magazine, City Transport & Traffic Innovation (CITTI) addresses key mobility issues such as accessibility, public transport, tourism, robotics, soft mobility solutions, travel information, etc.


Future Transport-News

Future Transport News is the leading source of information dedicated to operators on the latest news from the world of transportation, on the ground.

With this newsletter, you will have the choice between 2 formulas, proposing for example a general summary of the news each week. If you want to go further, you will have the possibility to receive a customized newsletter, to consume only the nectar of the information of your sector. Add to this the exclusive announcements of events not to be missed, and you have no reason not to subscribe.



For all those who aim to develop new solutions for a “contactless” world, NFCW has developed no less than 7 different newsletter formats to provide you with a tailor-made news catalog. 

NFCW and its newsletter are specialized in analyzing and producing resources covering NFC trends and technologies, contactless payment, or even ticketing, to name only a few.



Techcrunch is today the ultimate in terms of “Technology & Startup” news. Covering the world of technology, startups, venture capital funding, and Silicon Valley, TechCrunch is the newsletter to subscribe to now. 

Founded in 2005, this channel of information deals above all with the news of internet startups. And if you want more, they are even available on social networks and Youtube.  Although focused on the business side of transportation, the newsletter offers a mobility section, for all those who want to specialize in it.



If such as Movements, you got to the conclusion that it’s sometimes difficult to follow with attention all the latest news and evolutions of mobility, you will like this newsletter, Lyko is sure about that ! 

Each week, it picks up the headlines for you, focusing on mobility services, software, and infrastructure. As some of their readers say, the Movements Newsletter is the best way to stay up to date without getting “lost in a flood of Google alerts”.