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MaaS (Mobility as a Service) applications in France

MaaS is now undoubtedly one of the best ways to move around at low cost. Today, there are more than a hundred MaaS solutions all over the world. Whether in Asia, Oceania, Africa, America or Europe, MaaS continues to expand. In this article, we will look at Europe and more specifically at MaaS applications in France. A benchmark from our Global Mapping, identifying nearly 200 players in the MaaS value chain (MaaS applications, MaaS providers, ticketing solutions, organizations, etc.).

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List of MaaS applications in France



© Divia, MaaS application at Dijon

A pioneer in MaaS applications in France, Divia has shown vision by launching its own MaaS application. Created by Kéolis and Dijon Mobilités in 2012, this level 2 application continues to grow. This app offers a train and bus service. Recently, Divia launched a voice assistant for mobility.


Moovizy was able to distinguish itself by entering the MaaS field very early on. Indeed, this level 2 MaaS application was part of the final of the International Public Transport Unions Awards. Launched at the initiative of the Metropolis of Saint-Etienne and developed by Citiway, this application now offers numerous mobility services. Among them, we find car-sharing, car-pooling, taxis, bike rental and public transport services.

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© Moovizy, MaaS application at Saint-Étienne

Mon Compte Mobilité

© Mon Compte Mobilité, MaaS application at Mulhouse

Located in Mulhouse, the Mon Compte Mobilité app offers several modes of transport such as buses, bikes, parking and car sharing. Owned by Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération, this tier 2 app was developed by Citiway in 2018 before being taken over by MaaSify in 2022.


Created in 2019 by TAM and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, M’ticket is a level 2 MaaS application that provides access to the entire TAM network, P+Tram park-and-ride facilities, self-service Vélomagg, bike parks and car-sharing services with Modulauto. M’ticket has also set up a system that allows users to reach the beach by taking advantage of free bicycles for the day, which can be equipped with a trailer to transport children.

© M’ticket, MaaS application at Montpellier

Star l’appli

© Star l’appli, MaaS application at Rennes

Created in 2018, Star l’appli is a MaaS solution that was developed by Keolis. Covering the city of Rennes, this application offers a very complete mobility service including both public transport (bus, metro, star bikes) and private transport (train, vtc, bus). But that’s not all, this application also includes the availability of lifts and escalators.

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Bonjour RATP

Recently launched in 2021, the Bonjour RATP application shows that the Parisian group is revolutionizing its vision of mobility. This level 2 MaaS application provides access to the RATP’s buses, metro, RER and tramways. But not only… It also includes SNCF Transiliens, Dott, Lime, Velib’ and Tier micro-mobility services, and Marcel VTC.

© Bonjour RATP, MaaS application at Paris

Tac Mobilités

© Tac Mobilités, MaaS application at Annemasse

Public transport in the Annemasse agglomeration has set up a level 2 MaaS application in 2019. Tac mobilité offers buses, trains, trams, cars and active modes of transport throughout Annemasse.


Monapass is a level 2 MaaS application located in Monaco. Founded in 2021 by the Principality of Monaco, this application offers bus, bike and park-and-ride services throughout Monaco.

© Monapass, MaaS application at Monaco

Valence Romans Déplacements

© Valence Romans déplacements, MaaS application at Valence Romans

Valence Romans Déplacements will be launched in 2019. This level 2 application is one of the most complete in France. It offers all modes of urban transport from train, public transport, coach to bike, carpooling, taxi/vtc, parking and carsharing.


Citen is a level 2 MaaS application. Located in Paris, this application offers taxi/VTC and scooter services. The application developed by the start-up OpenCity is currently in a test phase, so we have not been able to gather more information about it.

© Citen, MaaS application at Paris
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Île-de-France Mobilités

© Île-de-France Mobilités, MaaS application in Île-de-France

Founded in 2021 by the Île-de-France region, IDFM is a level 2 MaaS app: like its neighbour, it offers numerous transport alternatives in the Paris region such as the RER, train, bus, metro, tram, bike, park-and-ride, car-sharing and car-pooling.

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Created by Syndicat Mixte Intermodal de Nouvelle-Aquitaine in 2018, Modalis is a level 2 MaaS application. Like VRD, it offers a very wide range of mobility services (train, public transport, coach to bike, carpooling, taxi/vtc, parking and carsharing)

© Modalis, MaaS application in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

SNCF Connect

© SNCF Connect, MaaS application in France

This application is the continuation of a project started 5 years ago, in fact at the beginning of 2022 the French railway company SNCF launched SNCF Connect. This level 2 MaaS application offers car rental, trains and taxis/vtc.


Founded in 2019 Yuwway is a Tier 2 MaaS application located in France. It offers different vtc/taxi services (marcel, leCab, my sam…) available everywhere in France.

© Yuwway, MaaS application in France


© Urbi, global MaaS application

Belonging to Telepass Group SPA since 2017, the MaaS Urbi application was founded in 2014. It is a Tier 2 app offering mobility services in 12 countries, including France. The app offers trains, public transport, taxis/vtc, car-sharing, ferries, scooters and micro-mobility services.


Chipi is a level 2 MaaS application belonging to World Wide Mobility. The application distributes its offerings in more than 15 international cities including Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Mexico and the USA. Chipi offers car-sharing, buses, taxis/vtc, scooters and micro-mobility services.

© Migo, global MaaS application


© Migo, global MaaS application

Founded in 2017, Migo is an international MaaS application that offers mobility services in the US, France and Canada. This tier 2 app reaches 75 cities in the 3 countries mentioned above. It offers trains, buses, scooters, taxi/vtc and micro-mobility services.

To go further, feel free to download for free our Global Mapping which references more than a hundred MaaS applications worldwide.

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