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Uber: new features to make airport travel easier

The airport is the first and last stop on a journey, and yet… Who has never had trouble finding their way around an airport? Crossing endless hallways to collect your luggage, going through security checks, finding the right exit to join your driver etc… These journeys can be tedious and stressful. But the new features offered by Uber promise a smoother journey from the moment you land. One thing is for sure, it will certainly reassure many people. Check them out now…

Additional time for optimal organisation

Uber is anticipating a rebound in tourism this year: +30% compared to 2022, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. This implies a potential increase in the number of users of the VTC service, particularly for getting to and from the airport… To increase efficiency, Uber has added new features to its application. The aim? To make it easier and faster to pick up taxis to and from airports.

Recently, Uber users could book a ride up to 30 days before their trip with the Uber Reserve option. The US company has extended this to 90 days. A significant extension from the previous limit. This allows users not only to plan a trip to the airport well in advance, but also to lock in the price of the ride. With this option, Uber hopes to increase its rate of pre-booked rides. This is particularly true in France, where the Uber Reserve function is very successful.

An optimised airport experience

To make the travel experience as smooth as possible after leaving the plane, Uber is launching two new features. Firstly, the app will show the approximate time it takes to get from the plane to the Uber pick-up zone. This “Walking ETAs” feature will be available in the coming weeks. It will show how long it will take to get to the baggage claim area so that you can order a ride at the right time. It will contain information on over 400 airports worldwide, which should allow travellers to use it in the most popular holiday and business locations.

With the summer travel season approaching, we have been working hard to find innovative ways to improve the airport experience so that travel to and from the airport, as well as within the airport itself, is simpler and easier than before.

ANDREW BREM, Managing Director of Uber UK

Once a ride is confirmed, Uber will provide a step-by-step route to facilitate travellers’ journeys within the airport. Indeed, the app will provide landmarks with photos to help travellers find their way around. For example, “take lift C”, “head towards hall 1” or “exit terminal 3”. This new feature is sure to make travelling through the airport easier and more pleasant. This function is available in more than 30 airports worldwide, including Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Rome, Madrid, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo and Mexico City. Must-have features for the travel companion: Uber Travel.

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