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Uber Travel is coming to France

It is not a secret for anyone anymore… The American giant wants to launch itself in the travel sector. After England, it’s France’s turn to be in the sights. Indeed, all the French users have received a curious email announcing the availability of Uber Travel. Zoom on this new feature bringing Uber a little closer to its ambition of becoming the reference travel Super App in the West…

Uber, over an app, a real travel companion

Used mainly in France for its VTC service, the Uber application has just launched the “Travel” feature. A service allowing “to import all the information related to their travels in a single place”. A new feature made possible through a simple association of the user’s Gmail or Microsoft account.

Indeed, as stated in the email sent to users, as long as the user “makes a reservation related to a trip and the receipt is sent to his registered email address, Uber will automatically create an itinerary on Uber Travel for him”. This way, the user will find details about their car rental, flight reservations, hotels, restaurants… on their Uber app, regardless of the destination.

The beginnings of a Super Travel App

Added to this, in “cities where Uber Reserve is available”, the American giant claims to “move from last-minute hassles to a seamless and stress-free experience”. Especially in the case of booking VTC to fill the first and last miles. With the added bonus of 10% cashback in Uber Cash credit for every ride booked.

As an example, the user can book his VTC to and from the airport. And this, up to 30 days in advance. With the possibility to update the trip according to the flight tracking. A modification of the itinerary is automatically updated on Uber Travel. All this is according to the latest reservation information sent to the user’s email address.

Innovation powered by AwardWallet APIs

Recognized as the pioneer in miles and points tracking for nearly 20 years, the company has implemented APIs capable of analyzing only emails related to flight, hotel, restaurant or car rental confirmations.

AwardWallet’s email analytics API identifies travel-related messages by searching for specific data points associated with travel booking confirmations, such as airline names, airport codes, departure and arrival dates, etc.


Access that can be questioned, knowing the distrust of some against it. An interference, to which Uber claims to give the user the possibility to “revoke Uber’s access to its messaging account at any time”. We can bet that soon, French users will find new services, available on the English version of the application