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Lytf rolls out functionality to improve airport transfers

On Thursday, May 11, 2023, Lyft announced its new service allowing passengers to order a VTC as soon as they land at the airport. For now, this feature is only being rolled out in Los Angeles and Chicago, but will be extended to other major airport hubs very soon. One thing is for sure, air passengers will be delighted with this new feature…

Lyft makes it easy to get to and from the airport

Just in time for summer, Lyft is announcing its new service to make it easier for travellers to and from airports. Currently being tested at airports in Los Angeles and Chicago, passengers can now pre-order a vehicle via the Lyft app before they even arrive at the airport. This allows them to avoid the usual wait times and enjoy a smoother transportation experience. Drivers, meanwhile, receive real-time flight information from passengers, allowing them to adjust their arrival based on flight delays or advancements. This new functionality will be based on the in-depth knowledge of the airport through the data provided by the airport.

In addition, passengers can also specify their transportation needs, such as the number of people, luggage, or the type of vehicle they want. Based on this information, Lyft will be able to offer a suitable transport solution for each passenger. This initiative promises to eliminate the hassle of travelling from airport terminals.

Lyft wants to provide the simplest and easiest on-demand transportation experience for travelers. We’re solving one of the biggest problems for travelers at the airport. Our new pre-order experience will make getting to the airport easier, allowing passengers to arrive at their destination with ease.

David Risher, pdg of lyft

Increased competition with its rival

Lyft’s new service continues the company’s strategy of providing innovative and convenient transportation solutions for its customers and demonstrates Lyft’s ability to reinvent itself. Lyft CEO David Risher recently gave an interview to CNN to discuss the company’s vision and plans for the future. In this interview, he emphasises the importance of innovation in the transport sector to maximise the traveller experience… According to him, Lyft must constantly reinvent itself to meet the needs of its customers and differentiate itself from the competition…

However, this announcement comes at a time when Lyft is struggling to compete with rival Uber. Indeed, Lyft’s share price has fallen by more than 55% over the past year, compared to Uber, which has seen its share price rise by almost 67% over the same period… It should also be remembered that Uber also announced fairly similar new features in early March 2023… So is it just a simple similarity or a real inspiration? One thing is for sure, the already existing competition between Lyft and Uber is now accentuated. It’s pushing both companies to outdo each other in order to offer an ever more innovative travel experience to their customers.