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UBER launches its future Travel Super App

Uber takes a step forward and announces that it will eventually become the first travel Super-App in the West. This Wednesday, April 6, 2022 in San Francisco was held a press conference with a groundbreaking announcement, held by Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of the Uber group since 2018. Uber, launched more than 10 years before, started with home meal delivery, expanded to VTC service and now wants to become kind of an Amazon of mobility, the everything app that runs your daily life. 

More than VTC, a mobility aggregator

Indeed, Uber’s recent announcement has the potential to shake up the world of travel and mobility. The company announced that it just integrates train, bus, car rental and airplane services into its application. Users will have access to the different services offered, thanks to the integration of these transport operators, and proceed directly on the app to search, book and pay. Following the example of Uber’s Eat service, they could however potentially observe a margin applied to this new service at the time of booking.

London, Uber’s privileged test market panel

Second announcement, the CEOs of Uber Group and Uber U.K. declared to launch in London the test version of the application, which despite a delay due to the pandemic, is now available. The pandemic was not the only obstacle for Uber’s super app. After several months of negotiations with the London cab network, Uber has obtained a new 30-month license for its VTC drivers, whose status was temporarily in jeopardy. 

Uber’s ambitions are great and the expectations of this new version of the application innovative. Some people already imagine Uber as the future transport and service assistant of everyday life.

Unique Western User Experience

The head of Uber U.K, Jamie Heywood, said following the announcement of this test version, that they want to create and provide “a seamless door-to-door travel experience”. This is how we also notice the addition of the Eurostar services, linking the London to France. The latter adds that, globally, he wants Uber to become a kind of “one-to-one shop for all travel needs”. This would make Uber the first super travel app in the West, if not the world. A booming market in the East, which extends to the four corners of the world…

The first results of this project are expected by the end of 2022, Uber hopes these will be convincing enough to be able to extend its device to the European scale. If all goes well, they even hope to be able to integrate hotel services in the following year. And why not add VTC booking through a simple message?  A service already available in India thanks to Uber’s integration into one of the leading messaging applications..