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Uber Shuttle expands its shuttle service in the U.S., following success in India

Following the resounding success of its airport shuttle service in India, Uber Shuttle announces its launch in the United States. This expansion marks a new stage for the company. Indeed, the American giant aims to facilitate travel to airports, concert halls and sporting events. After the recent launch of Uber Trains in Spain, Uber continues to innovate in the mobility sector.

A new daily commuting service

At the annual GO-GET event, Uber introduced its shuttle service that allows users to reserve a seat. Users can easily book a shuttle via the Uber app by selecting the “Shuttle” option, after entering their usual destination. The shuttle will run several times a day from the city center to the airports. According to Anthony le Roux, general manager of Uber Shuttle, the service will also be available for journeys to venues such as Hard Rock Stadium and Live Nation venues in Chicago, Charlotte and Pittsburgh.

A simplified, secure user experience

Uber Shuttle stands out for its simplicity and security. Once the shuttle is booked, the user receives a barcode to scan on the bus, ensuring hassle-free boarding. For example, a 28-minute ride from Freedom Park to the PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte costs $15. This low cost illustrates Uber’s desire to make their service as accessible as possible. This flexibility also allows for city-specific variations, with connections between transport hubs and venues, or departures from central city locations.

Meeting mobility and safety needs

The launch of this service in the United States builds on the success of the pilot project in Cairo since 2019, then in India. In India, Uber Shuttle has been particularly well received by women, who have expressed their satisfaction with the safety and reliability of the service. This expansion demonstrates Uber’s commitment to meeting mobility needs while ensuring the safety of its users. With these new initiatives, Uber continues to push the boundaries of urban mobility.

We’ve been delighted to hear from so many women who have used Uber Shuttle that the ability to guarantee seats and track their journey has really brought peace of mind to their daily commute.

Anthony le roux, CEO of Uber Shuttle

In conclusion, Uber Shuttle promises to revolutionize urban travel by offering a convenient, economical and safe alternative for journeys to airports and major events. We can’t wait to discover how this innovation will transform the daily commutes of millions of users!