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Travel Prime, on its way to popularizing the travel pass

Who of us doesn’t already have a Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime or Basic Fit subscription? Today, the French have an average of 10 subscriptions (all sectors combined), and could have 20 by 2025. A French subscription market that should increase by 18% per year in the next four years, according to a recent study by Telecoming. An astronomical increase that would make it exceed 10 billion euros by 2025. But having said that, the travel sector remains for the moment little invested by subscriptions. But that was before the launch of this young French startup that is about to turn the travel industry upside down…

Travel Prime to take off soon!

“Today, it is possible to pay for consumption in many areas, so why not in travel?” The health crisis has changed people’s minds. This issue came at the right time, because after 5 years of reflection and hesitation, Travel Prime finally launched itself at the IFTM TOP RESA event last September.

The French startup allows for the 1ʳᵉ time in the world, to subscribe to a travel package at € 6.90 in return for the most on the market prices. A package that allows you to save for the vacations due to the fact that it pays the commissions of travel sales to active subscribers. “Either directly at the time of purchase, if this is possible with the tourist operator concerned. Or through an automated and recurring redistribution system.”

In recent years, we’ve moved from a possession economy to a use economy. If Travel Prime had come about before Covid-19, subscribers would have saved and spent that money on a stay as soon as possible.

Cyril Guiraud, CEO Travel Prime

A strategy that pays off because nearly 80% of those who go on vacation prepare their stay online and 53% book a part of their vacation on the Internet.

The revolution of travel through Web 3.0

Thanks to its team of experts, including Thorsten Zimmerman, Rail and Travel technology expert and Anthony Merzouki, CTO and Co-founder, the travel subscription platform can be integrated into online sales sites. It relies on networks and blockchain for the intelligent management of members’ contracts. A technology that allows the certification of its operations in a secure and transparent way. The compatibility system is also positioned as a new payment system via user savings. It allows the dynamic display of the remaining cost on partner offers such as VeryChic or Assurinco.

What’s next?

Travel Prime will be launching an NFT campaign this holiday season in which 500 NFTs will be sold. The holders of these NFTs will be exempt from any subscription fees for life! These 500 people will then become the core of their community. Core with whom they will exchange on the evolution of the service.

An additional 4,500 NFTs will be sold in the coming months. Future holders of these NFTs will also benefit from the lifetime fee waiver. In the near future, Travel Prime will be exchanging with their partners to observe behaviors and to position themselves for the coming months and years.

This project will continue to evolve and develop, but be careful not to go under the radar like Google Flights which we talked about a few months ago…