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Tiqets, the API that centralizes things to do in cities all over the world

Provide a solution to facilitate access to culture by grouping together the ticketing of museums, attractions and castles on a single platform. This is the goal of Tiqets. A Dutch startup that attracted many prestigious investors during its latest fundraising. Available in more than 60 countries, zoom on this innovative solution that can be perfectly integrated into a future Super App or any travel application.

Tiqets, culture at your fingertips

Founded in 2014, by Christiaan Solcer, Luuc Elzinga, Maarten Raaijmakers, Marijn Speelman, and Robert Westers, Tiquets has already attracted millions of users. Starting with the availability of an application that already has over a million downloads. To date, the app has sold more than 10 million tickets, among more than 2000 attractions.

And the company, ranked in the top 5 most prominent scaleups in the Netherlands in 2019, doesn’t stop there. In addition to B2C app, the company also provides its API, giving access to “more than 4,500 of the world’s best cultural attractions.” Already used by more than 2,500 travel agencies, the API includes both content, availability and the ability to create and manage reservations.

A successful fundraising round

In May 2019, the company raised $60 million in Series C funding. Led by Airbnb, this investment is not insignificant. Indeed, the company is constantly seeking to create synergies with the aim of improving the traveler experience. Whether with large groups or startups, offering products or services in line with its future projects.

The fundraising also allowed Tiqets to expand. With 12 offices around the world, it is now targeting all markets. This is achieved through the hiring of local people with a good knowledge of their markets.

Furthermore, the company is helping cultural and leisure venues to apply the new security measures. In particular by providing them with online booking, flow management or contact case research.

Partnerships that could be interesting

Tikets has already formed many partnerships. The most recent being in May 2021 with bookingkit, a SaaS booking solution for the Tours & Activities sector. The two companies have decided to combine their activities, with the aim to help culture and leisure professionals to get back on their feet. And thus, to initiate and promote the digital transition to the companies of the sector.

For providers, online booking creates a unique opportunity to reach a much wider audience and establish a relationship with consumers at an advanced stage, enhancing the experience and increasing revenues by offering great upsells, bundles and packages.


It would be interesting for Tiqets to offer on their B2C application. The booking of accommodation, through the Impala’s API. Or to integrate and provide the appropriate transportation via the LYKO’s API. Two example of solutions that allow to extend its services and offer the most complete package possible.

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