Summer vacation 2024: The rise of multimodal travel among the French

As summer vacation approaches, a new trend is emerging among French holidaymakers. Indeed, the CA Auto Bank’s rental, leasing, and mobility company, Drivalia, conducted a survey in collaboration with OpinionWay titled “Holiday Mobility 2024“. This study aimed to “understand the use of different modes of transport during vacations and how car rental is perceived in France.” Regardless of what one might say, the statistics have spoken and highlighted an increasingly adopted multimodal approach. Let’s zoom in on this trend that is poised to prompt many stakeholders to reconsider multimodality as a growth driver…

One out of three French people embrace multimodality…

33%. This is the first statistic highlighted by Drivalia. Indeed, the OpinionWay study reveals that holidaymakers are increasingly inclined to combine different modes of transport to reach their dream destinations. While many French people still use their own car for vacation travel, 46% opt for train or plane travel. Additionally, 10% of holidaymakers choose other alternative forms of mobility such as car rental, carpooling, or car sharing.

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Car rental, a preferred option for short distances

Moreover, once at their destination, one-third of holidaymakers will opt for car rental. The study notes that holidaymakers prefer to rent vehicles to have access to cars suitable for the destination (40%), new models (32%), and comfortable rides (27%). The size of the vehicle is a key factor, with 12% of holidaymakers preferring a small city car for easy parking everywhere.

Comfort compared to other modes of transport, especially when traveling in groups or with family, plays a crucial role in the choice of car rental for 20% and 12% of holidaymakers, respectively.


It is important to note that with the introduction of electric fleets, a new trend has emerged during the vacation. Indeed, nearly one in four holidaymakers sees this as an opportunity to test drive an electric car before making a purchase decision.

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In search of flexibility and financial benefits

As specified by the OpinionWay survey, the flexibility offered by car rental is also crucial. Among respondents, 32% appreciate the easy access to poorly serviced locations, followed by the flexibility it offers in terms of time management (30%). Indeed, during the vacation, they are free to manage their time as they see fit.

Another crucial point: The economic aspect and cost management for 20% of respondents. By diversifying their means of transport, 60% of holidaymakers manage to reduce their overall travel costs. It’s worth noting that for 22% of respondents, the choice of vehicle is primarily based on the lowest price. For reference, this year, French people plan to spend an average of €365 on car rental during holidays and public holidays…