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SIXT Charge reinvents the electric vehicle charging experience

In a world where sustainable mobility is becoming a priority, the arrival of SIXT Charge marks a major development. Deployed in six European countries, this initiative aims to revolutionize the use of electric vehicles by making it easier to recharge them. The result of an alliance with a leader automotive, SIXT now offers an all-in-one approach to meeting the needs of electric mobility. Here’s a closer look at this new product, which promises to win over many users…

An optimized recharging experience

Since its successful launch in the Netherlands at the end of 2023, the SIXT Charge application is being extended to the French, German, Austrian, Belgian and Luxembourg markets. To do so, it has joined forces with the Elli network. A Volkswagen Group brand with hundreds of thousands of charging points in 27 European countries. Consequently, SIXT has become the first major car rental company to integrate electric recharging services directly into its application. This innovation offers SIXT customers unrivalled ease of access not only to charging points, but also to all SIXT services. And all via a single connection! Particularly advantageous for business travelers, this initiative makes the travel experience more intuitive and much more practical.

By deploying SIXT Charge in our various European markets, we are expanding our ecosystem of sustainable mobility offerings.


Advantages and opportunities of SIXT Charge

As well as simplifying the recharging process, SIXT Charge offers a number of features that will benefit users. The application integrates all the steps involved in recharging an electric vehicle, from finding a charging point to invoicing. Users can identify themselves on a single application, search for available charging points in real time and compare prices before recharging. Their charging sessions are then billed by Elli via the SIXT application, to the credit card linked to the account. In addition, by specifying the types of plugs available and enabling charging sessions to be started or ended directly via the app. Thus, SIXT Charge provides an effective response to the logistical challenges often associated with the use of electric vehicles.

By making it easy to recharge at hundreds of thousands of charging points across Europe via the SIXT Charge app, we are helping to tackle the main challenges associated with the acceptance of electromobility. Together with our partner Elli, we are committed to making sustainable mobility accessible to more people.


The potential impact of this initiative is all the more significant in the light of recent data indicating a certain reluctance on the part of travelers to opt for electric vehicles. This is mainly due to the constraints associated with recharging. By facilitating access to recharging solutions, SIXT and Elli are helping to overcome these obstacles, encouraging greater adoption of electromobility. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the landscape of sustainable mobility in Europe.