Paris La Défense Arena optimizes customer experience with Antidots

Paris la Défense Arena is THE largest indoor sports and entertainment venue in Europe. Indeed, since its opening in 2017, it has become an international benchmark for the biggest shows. For good reason, it promises an unrivalled immersive experience and offers ultra-modern technological innovations for artists and athletes. However, to maintain its benchmark status, Paris la Défense Arena is constantly innovating to offer ever more enriched experiences. Discover its latest innovation, based on 360SmartEvent technology developed by Antidots to optimize the customer experience…

A complete turnkey package for visitors

Although La Défense Arena is one of Europe’s top venues, it’s still a long way from the center of Paris. Indeed, it can be difficult for visitors to get to Nanterre (92). Not everyone is lucky enough to live nearby, or to know Paris like the back of their hand… So, to make it easier for its audience to get here, Paris la Défense Arena has called on Antidots, an experienced technology provider. Together, they offer visitors from all over the world a complete, turnkey package

Visitors can now book their accommodation close to the venue, as well as their means of transport to get there. Everything is done in just a few clicks, directly from the site, after choosing the event of their choice. Show, concert, sporting event… all the components of the experience, on a single platform, with a single account and a single shopping cart. This synergy is made possible by the integrated platform developed by Antidots. This includes two tehcnological solutions known as : MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a service).

Through Paris La Défense Arena, we are proud to launch our 360SmartEvent solution. This new platform is based on a simple problem: how can we make the spectator experience even easier and more comfortable? Europe’s largest concert hall welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, many of them from abroad. The aim was to enable them to book their visit from A to Z, via train or plane to their accommodation, on a single platform and with a single payment.


Towards low-carbon mobility with Antidots

Connected in real time to all transport flows (train, plane, cab, VTC, car rental), the solution proposes different itineraries. The least polluting route to the venue is always proposed first. The service is part of Paris La Défense Arena’s strong commitment to the environment. But also to encourage spectators to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our MaaS innovation, which combines several means of transport in a single journey, is unprecedented. To this technology, we’ve added accommodation around the venue, enabling us to offer a full range of ancillary services. Finally, the traveler can come or go from any destination in the world, and our technology can handle the demand


Finally, the platform is accessible on all formats (smartphone, tablet and computer) and opens up the horizon by offering a 360° experience. One thing is certain, La Défense Arena is innovating and significantly strengthening its customer support for an unforgettable experience that begins even before you enter the prestigious arena…

As a leading entertainment venue, innovation and customer satisfaction are an integral part of our DNA. We are always keen to offer new services to exceed our audience’s expectations. This new offer, developed in partnership with Antidots, is a world first, and we’re proud of it. It is part of our constant drive to innovate, to combine positive impact and memorable experience, in all areas of our business. Indeed, by combining entertainment and ecological commitment, we aim to offer our visitors an unforgettable experience, every time they step inside the Paris La Défense Arena.


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