Parking, bicycle, scooter : The city of Lyon is betting on intermodality

Since the beginning of the deconfinement announcement, cities in France have been constantly looking for various means to avoid a massive return of cars to the roads. To remedy this, the city of Lyon has launched its “Park and Ride and Soft Modes” operation, in partnership with the Lyon Parc Relais (LPA) parking service and the electric scooter operators Bird, Dott, Lime and Voi. The aim : to offer parking at the entrances to the city and scooters to complete the journey. Zoom on this new 100% intermodal offer, which we hope will continue post-COVID.

Intermodality, the mobility solution of tomorrow

The uptutn in activity and the gradual reopening of shops also means an increase in travel. And this has repercussions in the city centre of Lyon, most often in terms of car traffic. In order to regulate traffic and encourage gentler mobility, Lyon Parc Auto (LPA) has set up a partnership with the company in charge of Lyon’s public transport system (TCL) and four other electric scooter operators (Bird, Dott, Lime and Voi) to tackle this problem. Although still being tested until the end of June 2020, the aim of this new formula is to meet the needs of users who do not wish to use public transport.

How does it work?

On a €50/month fare basis, users will be able to park their vehicle in the car park and finish their journey on a scooter. At the same time, subscribers also get a 30% discount on the Bird, Dott, Lime and Voi scooter services. This discount is valid twice a day (outward and return journey).

According to Lyon.fr, the operation is available in five car parks. P0 Cité Internationale to the north of the city, Gare de Vaise and Gorge de Loup to the west, and Tony Garnier and Mermoz-Pinel to the south and southeast of Lyon. Depending on the capacity of the car parks, a subscription quota has been introduced. Dedicated spaces for scooters will be set up near the car parks. Indeed, the city of Lyon declares to be very attentive to the parking of scooters. Parking which can sometimes prove to be inconvenient.

How do I register?

To take advantage of the operation, the user will have to apply for a subscription by e-mail to abonnement@lpa.fr. As soon as it has been confirmed, the user will be able to integrate his or her new electronic season ticket directly from the LPA Parking application. The card will be accompanied by the various discount codes applicable to the scooter applications.

A solution also adapted to the bicycle

© Lyon Parc Auto (LPA)

In order not to forget the cyclists, LPA has also set up a temporary bicycle park. It is located in on the Saint-Jean car park. A total of 40 spaces are available at the moment. A security agent is from 8 am to 6 pm. Other facilities should be created, notably in the car parks of Bellecour, République, Place des Terreaux and Part-Dieu. In addition, there is a desire to install new Vélo’v stations near the city’s park and ride facilities in the future.