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FREENOW x Tech Barcelona : A partnership to reinvent mobility

The urban mobility industry is constantly evolving thanks to technological innovation and the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions. In the heart of Barcelona, an innovative partnership is taking shape, promising to transform the way residents get around the Catalan metropolis. The mobility app FREENOW has just announced its partnership with Tech Barcelona to “reinvent urban mobility” through innovation and technology…

A partnership redefining urban mobility

The strategic alliance between FREENOW and Tech Barcelona private, independent, non-profit association, recently announced on LinkedIn, tackles the transformation of how Barcelona residents move around, focusing on essential pillars:

  • Sustainable Mobility: FREENOW and Tech Barcelona are committed to promoting environmentally friendly modes of transportation, such as electric vehicles, carpooling, and route optimization to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Technological Innovation: Tech Barcelona will provide its technological expertise to enhance the user experience of FREENOW by developing user-friendly applications, integrating advanced safety technologies, and implementing smarter traffic management systems.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: This partnership will enable the collection and analysis of mobility data in Barcelona to better understand citizens’ transportation needs, anticipate congestion, and offer more efficient solutions.
  • Improved Accessibility: FREENOW and Tech Barcelona will work together to make mobility more accessible to all by integrating features for people with reduced mobility and developing services for underserved areas.

Barcelona, a more sustainable and connected city

This partnership brings numerous benefits to Barcelona. Firstly, it contributes to reducing congestion and, inevitably, improving air quality by reducing polluting emissions. Secondly, it aims to provide residents with a more comprehensive and efficient range of transportation solutions. Lastly, this partnership will create jobs in the mobility and technology sectors. Furthermore, by collecting mobility data, policymakers will be able to make decisions for the future of mobility.

This alliance will contribute to the sustainable development of Barcelona through the application of technology in the field of mobility.


The partnership between FREENOW and Tech Barcelona is a perfect example of how the urban mobility industry can benefit from technological innovation and strategic collaboration. Together, these players will redefine mobility in Barcelona, creating a more sustainable, connected and accessible city for all. It is another step towards building smart and sustainable cities that meet the needs of their citizens while respecting the environment.