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Paying your toll at tobacco shops: A near future reality…

In a world where efficiency and speed are paramount, motorists in France will soon experience a notable transformation on the highways. According to recent announcements by Philippe Coy, president of the National Confederation of Tobacconists, toll payments on French motorways are set to undergo significant evolution. Let’s take a closer look at this promising change for millions of French drivers…

Scheduled launch in June

This innovation, planned for the Paris-Normandy route, aims to streamline traffic on France’s first urban highway, used by 40,000 vehicles per day. Toll barriers on the A13 and A14 will be replaced by portals equipped with cameras to record license plates. This initiative is part of the Mobility Orientation Law (LOM), which seeks to introduce “free flow” portals. The goal is clear: to simplify user experiences and ease traffic flow.

Some tolls will be passable without stopping, but you will have 48 hours to pay for your passage. It can be done online. But by the second half of the year, it will be possible to pay at your tobacconist.

Philippe Coy, president of the National Confederation of Tobacconists

The system automatically captures the necessary information to apply the appropriate fare based on the type of vehicle and to proceed with billing. This system, already in effect in other countries such as the United States and Australia, raises questions and concerns, particularly regarding fines for those who forget to pay their toll within the given timeframe.

Indeed, if payment is made late, a penalty of up to 375 euros may be imposed. To prevent this situation, Sanef, which manages the highways in the North and East of France, recommends registering on its website. Users will need to provide their license plate number if they choose to pay online.

A strategic partnership between SANEF and FDJ

Already equipped in 10,000 authorized tobacco shops, the Nirio service plays a pivotal role. As a reminder, this innovative payment system belongs to the French Lottery Group, developed in partnership with the National Confederation of Tobacconists. The application now allows for the payment of various “everyday bills” (phone, water, electricity).

My goal is to turn tobacconists into daily drugstores. That is, places where you can always find the product you want at the last minute.

Philippe Coy, president of the National Confederation of Tobacconists

Un nouveau prisme qui facilitera non seulement l’accès à ce service, mais contribuera aussi à la transformation du métier de buralistes. Des bureaux de tabac faisant aujourd’hui face à la baisse des ventes de cigarettes. Une tendance les poussant aujourd’hui à devoir enrichir davantage son offre. Une révolution faisant fortement écho à notre article traitant de l’émergence progressive du MaaF et des Super App

This new perspective will not only facilitate access to this service but also contribute to the transformation of the tobacconist profession. Tobacco shops, now facing a decline in cigarette sales, are being pushed to enrich their offerings further. A revolution that strongly echoes our article on the gradual emergence of MaaF and Super Apps.

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