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Bolt partners with Traficar to expand coverage

Considered a true alternative to owning a car, carsharing offers significant financial and ecological benefits. However, achieving profitability remains a challenge. This relentless quest is now prompting more and more players to collaborate and expand their distribution channels, as exemplified by Bolt and Traficar. Indeed, since April 3, 2024, users of the Bolt app have access to Traficar’s fleet in ten major Polish agglomerations, including Warsaw, Krakow, and Poznań. This move appears to be the beginning of transition toward MaaS (Mobility as a Service) for the Estonian giant…

Over 5,000 new vehicles

This is the number announced in the Traficar press release. Access to an impressive fleet reinforces Bolt’s commitment to offering a diverse range of alternative transportation means. According to a study commissioned by Bolt from Oliver Wyman, carsharing is not only more economical compared to owning a private vehicle but also provides a practical solution for city visitors.

Thanks to the integration with our service, Bolt users from around the world will be able to easily and quickly use carsharing as soon as they come to Poland for a visit. We believe that engaging a company like Bolt in our category will strengthen the voice and visibility of Traficar not only among residents of Polish cities but also among those who decide their future.

Konrad Karpiński, coo at Traficar,

In terms of experience, renting and paying for a car via the Bolt app is very simple. Indeed, no redirection to Traficar will be made. Users simply need to click on the “Carsharing” icon on the main screen of the app. From the map, they can locate the available cars and select their preferred one. Once reserved, they will be able to unlock it directly using their phone. Users already using the Bolt app only need to add their driver’s license to the app during the first rental.

A new step in Bolt’s mission

As stated by Bolt’s CEO, Lukas Yla, this cooperation with Traficar marks a new step in fulfilling Bolt’s mission, which is “to create better cities for residents.” But not only that… Acting as a catalyst for sustainable change in travel habits, this new service will complement the electric bikes and scooters already offered by Bolt. A strategic integration that fully meets Bolt’s growing ambition, as evidenced by the following statement from Lukas Yla.

We are open to cooperation with independent carsharing operators and car rental companies. Such cooperation means faster growth for both businesses and added value for the customer, who has a variety of means of urban or interurban transportation.

Lukas Yla, CEO AT Bolt

These words strongly echo our study “Carsharing Operators: The 4 brakes to tackle to ensure your business longevity” An analysis highlighting the experiences of influential players such as Poppy Mobility or Getaround. Carsharing services that have managed to stand out and find the formula to increase their visibility and adoption. And this, despite the fact that many other carsharing operators have failed…