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LEZ: The French Senate launches a citizen consultation

After the recent referendum on electric scooters in Paris, it seems that citizens have again an opportunity to express their views. And this time, it would concern all French people. Indeed, since Monday, the Senate has just published an online consultation on the subject of low-emission zones (LEZ). A measure is increasingly controversial at the origin of this participatory action. Zoom on this survey, whose objective is to “identify the difficulties encountered” by local residents and professionals.

11 000 contributions in a few hours!

This is what the general delegate of the association 40 millions motorists, Pierre Chasseray, says. A craze, which can be translated by the simplicity of the process. As indicated in the first lines of the form. “The estimated time to answer this questionnaire is less than 10 minutes.”

An online consultation is open to all until May 14th, including a series of hearings and trips conducted in the field. A participatory initiative within the framework of a fact-finding mission on the acceptability of LEZ.

Results expected in June

Through the survey, the Senate is mainly concerned with social acceptability. Among the questions asked, the respondents are asked to state their willingness “to change their vehicle for a clean one as a result of the implementation of the LEZ”. Or if they are “aware of possible financial aid for the acquisition of a green vehicle?

It’s a far from 100% adherence, with the main stumbling block being the costs involved in replacing a polluting vehicle. As a reminder, in a recent CSA study, only 17% of French people said they would consider changing their vehicle and 36% of those surveyed said they would continue to borrow their cars, even if it meant being fined for 17% of them. A rebellion which could fade away if the tracks suggested by the consultation are applied…