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How the GeoSure API keeps everyone safe with Artificial Intelligence

Who has never felt unsafe while traveling? Whether on a business trip or a tourist getaway, the feeling of insecurity can be felt anywhere and anytime. Complex health situation, crime, political instability, insecurity comes from a different factor from one person to another. What if we could be better prepared by measuring and assessing the risks we face? This is what the American company GeoSure has started to do. Indeed, when risk is correctly understood and managed, GeoSure believes it becomes an opportunity. Zoom on this API that revolutionizes travel by measuring and optimizing all kinds of risks.

Safety for everyone

Founded in 2014 by Michael Becker, Geosure is a U.S.-based company with the goal of “a safer, more predictable world.” It has been named one of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2021” by Fast Company. For this reason, this company has created an ultra-local security information platform in real time and for 4 different sectors. First, travel & tourism, insurance, mobility and finally real estate. Moreover, it remains the most scalable on the market. More precisely, this company gathers data from all its users in terms of safety and security. Its goal: to know the level of safety in one of the 65 000 cities registered in its API.

Indeed, it collects statistics and large amounts of data from reliable global sources. To do this, it uses artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis and predictive analysis. Indeed, its data provides proprietary risk algorithms to create “GeoSafeScores”. These measure relative safety from 1 (least safe) to 100 (most safe). In short, GeoSure allows you to express the relative safety of a person at a specific time and location. This is made possible by a standardized system: “GeoSafeScores” which evaluates the relative risks of travel around the world. For companies wishing to expand their offer and access the available data, it is necessary to have the authorization to access the API. However, it has a free application on iPhone and Android, for individuals.

Tailor-made for your business and leisure travelers

Using GeoSure is simple. You can get location- and time-based data sets to improve decision-making for your customers or employees. The safety and security data built into the API is the most accurate on the market and is constantly updated for every major city in the world. GeoSure helps anyone travel safely, whether for business or pleasure.


Partnering with GeoSure means offering your customers or employees who travel a personalized and inclusive safety experience. When your customers or employees travel to a less familiar environment, help them take extra precautions and avoid potential threats. This way, they will have the most detailed and personalized real-time security information about the city they are travelling to. Recently, M-trip, a mobile travel application platform, partnered with GeoSure to complement its mobile solution and offer new safety features.

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GeoSure, a player in the Smart City

The Smart City concept is often put forward as the ultimate solution for the near future. Improving the quality of life of citizens while respecting the environment through intelligent and sustainable solutions is the very concept of the Smart City. Different fields, one goal: making a city more sustainable. One of the fields of action of the Smart City is security. In this sense, GeoSure fits perfectly into this context. Indeed, this American company collects and standardizes available data concerning safety. Its global and international approach is specific to measuring and improving the safety of citizens.

Thus, enhancing safety at the city level will create a positive feedback loop. As a result, there will be a better reputation for security and increased confidence in government institutions, increased tourism and jobs. Finally, economies are more competitive and access to capital resources and international investment is increased. Not to mention the better quality of life a city can offer its citizens.