FREENOW launches its employee mobility card

Only three months after the announcement of its latest integration, FREENOW surprises with a new unexpected, but very advantageous offer… That’s it, the European mobility super app launches a new payment method for its customers offering the Mobility Budget. A great start to the year for the company. Find out more about this new employee benefit for both employees and companies…

New turn for FREENOW

4 days ago, FREENOW announced the launch of the Mobility Card. A new means of payment available to its Mobility Budget customers. This monthly allowance that employers can offer to their employees as a salary benefit takes the form of a virtual prepaid mobility card that allows them to pay for the mode of transport best suited to their personal needs and their commute to work. Until now, the Mobility Budget offered was limited to the mobility services available in the FREENOW application. However, with the mobility card, this budget can now be spent on any transport service. Car rental, train ticket, public transport or soft mobility, the choice is vast… Finally, what is important to remember is that the Mobility Budget can now be spent in France as well as abroad, a feature long requested by users.

The aim of this new offer?

According to FREENOW, this new card is equally beneficial for employees and companies. On the one hand, it offers greater flexibility and ease of travel for employees. Indeed, employees can choose the mobility option that fits their needs in terms of travel, private trips or daily commuting and pay for it with their mobility card. On the other hand, it allows companies to keep control of their employee benefit budgets. Moreover, by offering this type of benefit, the image of a responsible company is considerably reinforced in the minds of employees. It is also a real asset for retaining talent and reducing turnover, which is currently on the rise. Lastly, FREENOW envisages a sharp decline in the company car as a salary benefit over the next three years. Valentin Naidja, Vice President of Sales at FREENOW, expects the French market to react very favourably to this new service.

It represents a more flexible way of looking at mobility, accompanying the evolution of society and working patterns. At the same time, mobility alternatives will become more popular. More than half of the respondents plan to allocate a mobility budget to their employees. Our new mobility card is a simple solution to provide flexible access to all these options.

Valentin Naidja, Vice President of Sales at FREENOW