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ARVAL launches Mobility Pass, a comprehensive MaaS solution for businesses, in Spain

Following launches in France, the Netherlands and Brazil, ARVAL, the BNP Paribas Group’s leading leasing and mobility services provider, is launching Mobility Pass in Spain. A complete MaaS (Mobility as a Service) service developed with a major player in the sector, designed to make it easier to manage business travel… Find out how ARVAL is reinventing corporate mobility while contributing to more responsible mobility…

Mobility Pass: the complete solution for businesses

ARVAL has just launched its new “Mobility Pass” business mobility solution in Spain. This is a new comprehensive and sustainable MaaS service developed as a business mobility solution for customers of the BNP Paribas Group’s rental and mobility services operator. Designed in collaboration with its partner World Wide Mobility, ARVAL’s Mobility Pass application makes it easier to book business trips. With this MaaS solution, companies can easily deploy, configure and control all the concepts included in their mobility policies. ARVAL’s innovative solution reinvents employee mobility management. It heralds a new era in the control and organisation of business travel, consolidating ARVAL’s position as a leader in sustainable mobility services.

Integrated and diversified mobility services

Thanks to this MaaS application, employees can plan, book and pay for their journeys while calculating the time, cost and carbon footprint of their trip. The application integrates a range of mobility options and services, making it easier to book journeys at the right time. These include connections to taxi and VTC services such as Uber, with nationwide coverage. There are also connections to urban car-sharing operators parking and public transport services. The Mobility Pass also offers detailed maps for walking tours of various Spanish cities. ARVAL plans to add even more mobility options in the coming months.

Our new MaaS service, ARVAL Mobility Pass, meets the challenges of the new regulatory framework, such as the Directive on Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSRD) and the future Sustainable Mobility Act. These regulations, as part of the European Green Deal, make companies key players in responsible and sustainable mobility.


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Numerous benefits for companies and employees

ARVAL’s Mobility Pass offers numerous benefits for both companies and their employees. Firstly, it simplifies the implementation and development of mobility policies. It will help to manage the new legislative and fiscal challenges and promote mobility for all employees. This service supports the mobility of all employees, whether or not they have a company car. It will also simplify the administrative management of travel and control costs, based on up-to-date data. Finally, the Mobility Pass solution provides a better understanding of the carbon footprint caused by employee travel. In this way, companies can reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their CSR objectives, thereby helping to improve the environment.