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Brussels: A new regulation against electric scooters

While Paris will become in a few months the first capital to ban electric scooters, it seems that Brussels has just launched a new offensive. Indeed, the Belgian capital has just published a bill regulating the use of these two-wheelers. Zoom on the new measures, unanimously approved in the second reading by the Mobility Commission of the Chamber.

Now “assimilated to bicycles

Like bicycles, electric scooters will be subject to not exceeding the speed of 25km/h and a width of one meter. In addition, the mandatory presence of a horn and the installation of new signs for parking.

A regulation that will also be reflected at the level of scooterists. Indeed, the driving of scooters in Brussels will be forbidden to users under the age of 16. “Except in pedestrian areas, residential areas and meeting zones, areas reserved for play, as well as on reserved paths (Ravel type).” At the same time, they will be formally prohibited from carrying a second person, except for machines with a platform adapted for this purpose.

A ban, “not yet on the agenda”

As stated to the media 7sur7 by the Minister of Mobility, Elke Van den Brandt, Brussels does not seem to be on the trail of Paris. Indeed, one of the members of the Mouvement Reformateur, David Weytsman, would like to go even further, by proposing an action plan.

It is time to organize and control the micro-mobility market in Brussels, which has become a real public health problem.


Measures ranging from increasing fines, tightening quality control of scooters, or the obligation to provide his identity card when registering for these services. Various coercive measures that should be part of new solutions to be examined…