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TIER’s electric bikes integrated into the NS application

A few days after announcing its merger, TIER Mobility is unveiling a promising new partnership with the Netherlands’ main rail operator, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)… From Monday 22 January, passengers will be able to benefit from the integration of TIER shared electric bikes directly into the NS application. This new initiative aims to encourage sustainable mobility by making door-to-door journeys easier… Find out how this collaboration makes it easier to combine different modes of transport for more practical and environmentally-friendly journeys…

Towards sustainable and accessible mobility

The latest collaboration between NS and TIER Mobility aims to boost the use of sustainable modes of transport, while simplifying the travel experience for passengers. Thanks to the NS application, planning your route, reserving a TIER electric bike, paying for it and unlocking it can all be done seamlessly in a single application. This innovative service is available in a number of cities, including Utrecht, Bunnik, Odijk, Nieuwegein, Maarssen, Eindhoven and Veldhoven, offering NS Flex subscribers and NS business card holders a convenient and integrated option for their daily journeys.

This alliance expands the possibilities for travellers. It allows them to use the NS application in a versatile way, combining train and bike for fast journeys.


Travellers can now integrate TIER bikes into their travel plans via the NS trip planner. Using the “Nearby” function in the NS application, they can locate a TIER bike share, reserve it with one click, and start their journey simply by pressing “Start my journey”. Terminating the rental is just as easy by returning the bike to one of the parking areas and deregistering in the NS app. All journeys made are then listed on the NS monthly invoice, guaranteeing total transparency for users.

Door-to-door journeys for greater convenience

NS is more than just a rail operator. Its commitment extends beyond the rails to facilitate door-to-door travel for its passengers. Aware that the ideal journey is rarely from station to station, the company is banking on the train-bike combination. A solution favoured by 39% of passengers who arrive at stations by bike. To achieve this, NS is providing more than 500,000 parking spaces, as well as offering 21,500 public transport bicycles. The new integration of TIER’s shared electric bikes considerably enhances this offer. It offers passengers a flexible option for travelling to and from the station, as well as to any other destination. This integration is helping to diversify mobility choices for users.

MaaS: Diversity of means of transport via the NS application

This integration marks a crucial step in the field of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in the Netherlands. It offers travellers simplified access to a variety of means of transport via a single platform. TIER stands out as a pioneer, being the first service to be operated entirely via the NS application. This demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of MaaS.

Now travellers can easily find a suitable shared electric bike in a single application for their journey to or from the station. This already fits in well with our users’ travel behaviour… Today, almost half of them already use our shared electric bikes in combination with public transport.


This synergy with NS aims to overcome two major obstacles facing travellers: convenience and flexibility. So this integration goes beyond simply offering services… It becomes a concrete example of MaaS, contributing to a global and modern vision of urban mobility.

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