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Bon Voyage, the application that measures the carbon footprint of your travels

Travelling more responsibly is the goal of the “Bon Voyage” application. Not yet available, its creators have called on crowdfunding to launch the first version of the app. Calculating the carbon footprint of the different modes of transport used, suggesting more sustainable itineraries, suggesting low-carbon destinations… The objective is clear: to make travel more ecological! Zoom on this solution created by a group of enthusiasts

An increase in tourism that rhymes with an increase in carbon emissions

The figures speak for themselves: according to the World Tourism Organization, the number of tourists has doubled. From 700 million in 2000 to 1.5 billion in 2019, this is a meteoric increase. With this strong growth, comes also the increase of international flights, but also domestic. This increase is reinforced by the multiplication of low-cost airlines.

Aware of this ecological impact, many people feel the flygskam, the shame of flying in Swedish. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find ecological alternatives to get away. This is why Bon Voyage was born, an application developed entirely by volunteers.

A route planner, but not only

The objective of Bon Voyage is above all to propose different itineraries to travel in Europe. Nevertheless, the application has a particularity: it allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. Indeed, according to the creators of the application, Bon Voyage has 3 key points that promote eco-responsible mobility

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Ecological impact calculation

When a user searches for a route, the application will then allow them to calculate their carbon footprint while offering them a door-to-door travel time and cost. The application has also integrated the reservation and payment systems of its partners, allowing it to centralize the purchases of its users.

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Suggested itinerary

To encourage people to reduce the use of airplanes, Bon Voyage will propose alternative itineraries for travel in Europe. These proposals will also be accompanied by the possibility of accessing a forum or a blog, allowing to consult good addresses as well as new ideas to travel sustainably.

Additional content

Bon Voyage will also offer content with key figures on the environment, global warming, tourism… These resources will encourage users to travel responsibly and make them aware of the environmental issues related to mass tourism.

An application created by passionate people

This application, entirely designed by slow tourism enthusiasts (the art of travelling while respecting the ecosystem of the territories) relies entirely on its community to enrich the project. A blog and a forum of enthusiasts will soon be set up! In order to finance the app, a crowdfunding campaign has been set up on KissKissBankBank and the first level of 6 500€ has been reached. Many projects are to come, including the implementation of a V2 with even more features, but also the creation of a magazine specializing in low-carbon travel. To discover the crowdfunding campaign and to contribute to the project, just click here.

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