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No longer need ID card at the airport, your iPhone will do!

To the question “Your documents please”, if we announce that you will soon be able to present your iPhone or Apple Watch. It was at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference that the Cupertino multinational announced this new feature. After loyalty cards, credit cards and car keys, it is now possible to integrate your driver’s license and identity card. Zoom on this last integration, making Apple Wallet a real digital wallet.

Launched in 8 U.S. states for beginning

Arizona, Georgia, followed by Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah. This is the list of the 8 states chosen by Apple. It will be possible for residents to find their license and ID card both in their Wallet application. But also in their Apple Watch by scanning their papers via their iPhone.

This new feature will be available in the next iOS 15 update, expected before the end of the year. In addition, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has declared to accept this device at checkpoints in some airports. Offering a simpler and faster way, without having to take out their papers.

“This initiative marks a major milestone by TSA to provide an additional level of convenience for the traveler by enabling more opportunities for touchless TSA airport security screening.”

David Pekoske, TSA Administrator.

Apple’s focus on “security and privacy

Integrating confidential documents, Apple couldn’t ignore safety and security norms. Indeed, in its press release, the latter claims to offer “superior security and privacy over a physical wallet”. How? By encrypting and protecting the user’s data to avoid any falsification or theft.

But also by implementing certain verification steps. Such as biometric authentication using Face ID and Touch ID. Or a series of facial and head movements as an additional security step. These steps are essential to guarantee the opening of the document by the owner of the device. In addition, to add any new identity documents, it will be required to scan the physical document and take a selfie. Information that will be subsequently verified by the issuing state for verification.

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Finally, in terms of confidentiality. Apple and the states ensure that they don’t know when or where users  present their IDs.

“Privacy and security have been at the forefront of our mobile driver’s license development process, and we appreciate Apple’s proven reputation in these areas, as well as the shared commitment to following the ISO 18013-5 standard.”

Melissa Gillett, director of the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division