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Mutua Madrilena launches its super app MutuaMás

In a world where technology is constantly redefining the norms of our daily lives, insurer Mutua Madrilena stands out as a key player when it comes to mobility and digital services. Indeed, the Spanish insurer recently launched its super-application, MutuaMás, which goes far beyond being a simple management tool. This digital ecosystem is specifically designed to cover all aspects of its users’ car journeys. Find out how MutuaMás is transforming the way car-related services are viewed in the insurance industry…

Integrated management and diversified services

The MutuaMás super app stands out for its ability to integrate various essential functions into a single platform. As well as simplifying the management of insurance policies, it offers direct access to a wide range of day-to-day services. Users can, for example, pay for parking at parking meters in over 100 towns and cities, reserve a space in one of the 1,000 car parks available, whether in town, at the airport or near railway stations, book taxis or hire cars.

What’s more, MutuaMás enriches the motoring experience with practical options such as alarm systems, repair shop locator, roadside assistance service and technical inspection appointment management, adding an unrivalled level of convenience. The super app also ensures secure payments and makes it easy to download transaction invoices. For MutuaMás members, MutuaMás simplifies account management by enabling seamless and integrated use.

The advantages of MutuaMás

One of the most innovative aspects of MutuaMás is its virtual currency system. Each time they use the services offered by the app, users accumulate credits in a virtual wallet. These credits can then be used to obtain discounts on future transactions. This is a key incentive program, which increases the added value of every interaction with the app. This feature not only encourages customer loyalty, but also promotes regular use of the app. MutuaMás is not just another mobile app; it’s a super app that makes life easier for its users by integrating management, services and benefits into a single ecosystem.

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