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Your Navigo pass and tickets soon available on your smartphone

Who hasn’t forgotten his pass Navigo at home? Or to stand in line early in the morning to buy a ticket? All this will be the past! In fact, from September 30, you’ll only need your smartphone to use the metro, bus, tram or RER in Paris… But only on one condition: you must have an eligible device.

A first experimental phase

After 10 months of testing, no less than 3,500 users used this ticket dematerialization service on a daily basis. Called “Navigo Lab”, 80% of the testers said they were satisfied with the beta application. An app that created a lot of interest. Following this test, several optimizations were implemented to finally launch the ViaNavigo application. Ultimately, Île-de-France Mobilités is aiming to stop using paper metro tickets by the end of 2021 and 3 million users.

How does it work in practice?

Simply download the ViaNavigo application. Once installed, you will be able to buy your tickets or top up your Navigo pass without any problem, directly from your phone. Each time you want to take public transport, all you have to do is present your mobile phone on the contactless terminal. And if you run out of battery, don’t panic, your tickets are stored in your SIM card.

A service that has some limitations…

For now, although the application will be officially available in a few days, it is not yet 100% optimal. Indeed, this service is only available on most Samsung and Android smartphones equipped with an Orange or Sosh NFC SIM card. In other words, exit the Iphone or One Plus. Some users are already disappointed and do not hesitate to express their frustration, such as Romvald on Twitter with his tweet “No but serious … #ratp #vianavigo not even screwed to be compatible with all??! Shame. Even my local baker can do it! «.

Second limitation, the fact that the tickets purchased are only stored in the device. No Cloud system. In other words, if you lose your mobile, you lose all your tickets too ! Nevertheless, this new service is still a great step forward in terms of mobility. We have no doubt that it will certainly simplify the lives of many people in the Paris region.To read too, our focus on the market of ticket dematerialization

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