New era of public transportation in Ireland with Indra at the helm

In a significant transformation of transportation services in Ireland, Indra has been selected as the technology partner by the National Transport Authority of Ireland (NTA). This new collaboration follows the signing of a framework agreement and the award of a contract worth several hundred million euros. A closer look at this long-term partnership promises to significantly improve accessibility and efficiency for the millions of Irish users…

Technology at the service of the user experience

Regarded as one of the world’s most significant fare automation projects, Indra plans to integrate its innovative technology across the entire Irish public transport network. This extensive network includes trams, buses, trains, and the upcoming Dublin MetroLink. To achieve this, Indra will implement a multimodal backend system designed to simplify the integration of various transport operators. The company will set up and manage both online and in-person sales channels. A new ticketing system fully designed to be accessible to all public transport users.

Indra will also take over the financial management of fare collection. How ? By equipping the network with state-of-the-art sales, validation, and control devices. User support, as well as the maintenance, logistics, and operation of the complete system, will be ensured.

A clear path to MaaS

In order to reduce waiting times, the press release states that the project will integrate several advanced technologies, including the use of bank cards, mobile phones, or smartwatches. Indra is currently collaborating with the National Transport Authority (NTA) to plan the deployment of this new system.

the awarding of this contract to Indra represents a significant milestone for the NTA and for transport customers in Ireland. We look forward to working with Indra in coming years to design and implement a modern, flexible, integrated and future proofed transport ticketing solution that best serve the needs of our customers across the country.

Bernard Higgins, NTA’s Director of Transport Technology 

Furthermore, the project is part of a broader perspective of Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Indeed, Indra is paving the way for future integration into more comprehensive mobility services. The initial duration of the contract with the National Transport Authority of Ireland is ten years. NTA opted to include an additional ten-year extension option. A commitment that demonstrates the mutual trust between the two parties for a lasting partnership.

Expansion and strengthening in the English-speaking market

This major contract very clearly positions Indra as a leader in technology solutions for ticketing in Ireland. A collaboration which also consolidates its presence around the world. Indeed, from the United States to the United Kingdom and Australia, Indra continues to expand its influence by winning various projects.

This project reinforces Indra as one of the three or four companies in the world with the management and technological capacity to undertake a project with this ambition and complexity in one of the most tech-oriented countries in Europe, serving as a benchmark for numerous other projects and countries due to its innovative management model.

Raúl Ripio, Indra’s general manager of Mobility & Technology