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Apple Maps, close to overtaking Google Maps with this feature

Google Maps VS Apple Maps, a battle of the legends that has lasted for years. A world first, it seems that Apple is on the verge of standing out with a feature not yet available on the application of its eternal rival. A secret that was revealed on Twitter following the analysis of the source code of the native application. Zoom in on this discovery, which announces an exclusive feature dedicated to a specific mode of transportation.

All the Twittospere, already aware!

Bicycles have become a popular means of transportation and must be integrated into a multimodal calculator. Applications such as Google Maps and Apple Maps have understood this by integrating trip planning on two wheels. In order to stand out, Apple has gone a step further by integrating e-bike. A future option decoded through the tweet of the journalist and iOs application developer, Steve Moser, in capture below.

As you can see, through the lines of code, it mentions the expression “E-Bike”. With another mention that this option should “optimize routes and ETAs for electric bikes”.

A feature that promises to make sparks fly

Although not yet available, this future option resonates with the recent explosion of motorized vehicles in recent years. According to an article by Enedis, after the first containment, global sales have increased fifteenfold. Less expensive than an electric car, the sales of EVs are increasing year after year and are reaching records.

A trend that has not fallen on deaf ears, although currently Apple is not announced. It is therefore difficult at this time to define the significant differences between the e-bike and traditional bike routes. But we can already imagine that the editor will have no fear of proposing steeper slopes when riding an electric bike. Or to display the different charging stations on the route taken. We will follow this very closely, to keep you informed of the official release of this feature. To be continued…