Kapten merges and becomes Free Now

Known as “Chauffeur privé”, then Kapten, now known as Free Now. Indeed, the French VTC service has just joined the group of BMW and Daimler. Zoom on this new merger allowing Free Now to develop its multimodal MaaS offer in France.

A new merger in the mobility sector

Announced this Tuesday, September 22nd, Kapten has just joined the Free Now group. A migration allowing the Daimler group to launch itself on the French market. Already the parent company of Kapten since 2018, this merger takes effect with customers. Indeed, Kapten users can now transfer their accounts (data, loyalty points, sponsorship credits) into the Free Now application. And thus benefit from the application’s services such as VTC, cabs, bicycles, scooters and car-sharing. In addition, by migrating his account directly via Kapten, the user benefits in particular from a 40% discount on his first two trip in Free Now with the code: GOFREENOW.

On the road to MaaS and more sustainable mobility

A merger also has repercussions on the team side. Eckart Diepenhorst, CEO of Free Now in Europe, becomes the Director of Human Resources and Communication for the entire Free Now company. On the side of Kapten, with former CEO Sébastien Oebel, is also taking over the position of Chief Operating Officer of Free Now. With the aim of offering more sustainable mobility throughout Europe. As stated by Antoine Lieutand, CEO of Free Now, “Our mission is to enable everyone to have access to an efficient and safe mobility service to move around cities in France and throughout Europe. We are also committed to supporting the transition towards more sustainable mobility by providing a range of environmentally friendly mobility services.

An ecological transition that includes a partnership with the Finnish company BOND Mobility. The goal : to deploy a fleet of 1,000 electric bicycles in Paris by 2021. Or again in the electrification of its fleet of VTC bicycles. How ? With the installation of recharging stations this fall in Paris. New services making Free Now a true MaaS (Mobility as a Service) application.

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