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Via Metropolitan Transit partners with Uber and Masabi for integrated ticketing

Via Metropolitan Transit, the San Antonio region’s public transportation system, announced earlier this week a groundbreaking partnership with Uber, and Masabi. The innovative collaboration aims to make it easier to access public transportation by launching a ticketing system integrated into the Uber app…

A simplified all-in-one experience

This exciting collaboration allows Texas residents to purchase public transportation tickets directly from the Uber app. With this initiative, passengers can choose their route, select the corresponding tickets and make their purchase. All using their existing payment profile. The tickets will then be stored in the Transit Tickets section of the Uber app. This new feature offers customers more flexible payment options for trips on the Via network (bus, train, Via Link…). In addition, this collaboration aims to reduce dependency on personal vehicles, thus contributing to the reduction of traffic congestion and pollution in the region.

In addition, Uber is being added as a new sales channel to VIA’s goMobile+ application. This makes the travel experience easier and more accessible for passengers. Masabi’s Ticketing SDK was used to integrate this functionality into the Uber app. The integration of Masabi’s Justride SDK enables secure ticketing, while integrating seamlessly with existing applications. Overall, this partnership expands access to public transportation for San Antonio residents who may not have previously considered using VIA services.

This additional resource benefits our passengers and helps us to make further progress in simplifying accessibility.


A first step towards MaaS

Via Metropolitan Transit is known for its reliable and efficient network, serving thousands of passengers every day. However, by collaborating with Uber and Masabi, the company is looking to make the travel experience even more convenient. The integration of ticketing into the Uber app eliminates the need to switch between apps. In addition, it makes it easier to buy public transport tickets. In addition to purchasing bus tickets, users will be able to access real-time information on schedules, routes and connections, etc., all directly from the Uber app. An experience that is found in the majority of leading MaaS applications.

New call-to-action

This feature will allow travellers to better plan their trips and save valuable time. The addition of this new feature is part of Via Metropolitan Transit’s vision. Indeed, it wants to provide innovative and sustainable transportation solutions to meet community needs. By partnering with Uber and Masabi, the company is taking an important step in improving accessibility and the overall transit experience in San Antonio.

We are delighted to partner with Uber and Masabi to introduce this revolutionary integrated ticketing service. By simplifying the purchase of tickets and providing real-time information, we hope to encourage more people to choose public transport and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.


This announcement marks a major turning point in the public transport industry. It demonstrates how collaboration between technology companies and transportation agencies can open up new possibilities for improving urban travel. Indeed, with this integrated ticketing, Via Metropolitan Transit, Uber and Masabi are setting the tone for a new era of cooperation between the public and private sectors to shape the future of mobility.