UK: Transdev GO, the new platform reinventing the customer experience

In the field of public transportation, England continues to impress us. Following the launch of a project towards a national ticketing system, a new influential player stands out. Indeed, Transdev UK is preparing to introduce a new version of its application and website, named “Transdev Go”. This digital platform, scheduled for this spring 2024, promises to transform the bus travel experience in Northern England. Focus on this imminent turn, illustrating the importance of adapting to new technologies in the public transport sector…

“Fast and Simple Bus Journeys”

These are the words reported from Transdev’s press release. Since its launch in 2017, the “Transdev Go” application has been a resounding success. Available for download on the App Store and Google Play, it has already seen a significant increase in users following the pandemic. As part of its commercial renewal, Transdev is about to roll out a new website and an improved version of the application.

We understand how important it is in today’s technology-driven market to continuously improve our online presence, and we look forward to developing new ways of communicating with our customers to enhance their journey, from planning to completion.


Transdev UK’s ambition is clear. This project is part of a continuous improvement strategy for digital information portals, aimed at personalizing the customer experience. How? By offering a simplified ticket purchasing experience and intuitive access to its services. Above all, “Transdev Go” promises to facilitate the search and purchase of tickets. It will also integrate new payment methods and highlight the operator’s popular brands.

A strategic collaboration with Rise Digital Media

Renowned for its expertise in creating digital solutions for public transport, Rise Digital Media plays a crucial role in the realization of this project. Under the leadership of Scott James, this new provider will replace Passenger. Based in Bexley, Rise’s mission is to improve both the convenience and accessibility of travel. To this end, it has begun to seamlessly connect passengers with real-time information. Moreover, it offers reservation options and updates.

We are delighted to work with Transdev, a leading technology operator in the sector, to enable their passengers to travel with our innovative application and user-friendly website, to enhance their travel experience.


The final adjustments are currently being made to the content and design of Transdev’s new application and website. All details will be revealed in spring 2024. As an indication, Rise already provides its fully integrated “BusHub Mobility Platform” application and web-based products to several British bus companies. These include Northwest bus operators Preston Bus and Diamond, as well as a range of independent British companies, such as Centrebus based in Leicester, and White Bus based in Berkshire…