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England: A giant step towards a national ticketing system

In a move decidedly focused on the future, England is taking a major step in modernizing its public transportation. Following the launch of a Code of Good Practice for Mobility as a Service (MaaS), the English government is once again embarking on a large-scale project. It plans to deploy a national multimodal ticketing system across the country. Focus on this ambitious project that guarantees a simplified user experience and an increase in modal shift towards more sustainable transportation…

ITAF : The result of strategic collaboration

“The aim is to simplify payments for multimodal travel, especially for bus and tram journeys.” This is the goal set by The Integrated Ticketing Advisory Forum (ITAF). A working group chaired by Midlands Connect, a sub-national transport body. Their mission is well-defined: to share their research with local transport authorities in the Midlands and other sub-national transport bodies. Their ambition: To enable the deployment of a unique, smart, multi-operator ‘Tap and Go’ ticketing solution in England.

Towards simpler and more accessible mobility

This major advancement will notably improve accessibility and efficiency of public transport in England. By using their mobile phone or a contactless bank card, travelers will benefit from a daily or weekly payment cap. This new system will ensure they get the most advantageous rates, regardless of the number of operators involved. A more economical solution for users, aimed at attracting more people to public transport.

The increased flexibility and ease of smart ticketing will help attract more people to public transport and create a more efficient and modern offering.

Bharat Pathania, head of new technologies AT Midlands Connect

Although initially developed in the Midlands, the goal is to extend this system throughout England, with the sole exception of London where a similar system is already operational.

Quarterly meetings to align strategy

ITAF will meet every quarter. The aim will be to share progress and align strategies among local transport authorities and other stakeholders. These will include Midlands Connect, Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), Project Coral group (consisting of bus operators), and the Department for Transport.

The creation of ITAF will allow local transport authorities to align their thinking with that of bus operators in the joint realization of this exciting project.

Matt Lewis, Swift technical director AT TfWM

This collective approach ensures a coherent and unified strategy towards the successful implementation of the project. The first ITAF meeting will be held on January 19th, marking the official start of redefining multimodal travel in England…