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Uber expands its car-sharing service in North America

The American ride-hailing company today announced plans to expand its car sharing service in North America. The decision follows the huge success of Uber Carshare in Australia. A service launched in 2022 following the acquisition of start-up Car Next Door. This new feature will undoubtedly further stimulate Uber’s growth in the U.S., and above all meet consumers’ new mobility needs…

A new feature that will make people happy

It’s official! Uber plans to introduce peer-to-peer car sharing in North America, starting with Toronto and Boston. There’s no doubt that this car-sharing option will greatly benefit local residents, who will have a new transportation option at their disposal: convenient, economical and flexible. From now on, car owners will be able to make their vehicles available to private individuals. They will also be able to set the price they want and define the time their vehicle will be available. Users, in turn, will be able to access the vehicle’s availability, which will be indicated in 15-minute increments. There’s no need for users to book in advance.

For years, Uber has made it easy to press a button and get a ride on demand. Now we’re taking the same approach with car sharing, allowing you to borrow and list cars in your neighborhood simply, affordably and sustainably.

Camiel Irving, head of Uber’s U.S. and Canadian transportation operations

What’s more, fuel will be included in the price. However, insurance options will only be available for purchase from Uber. What’s more, users will also be able to share rides with other passengers heading in the same direction. An effective way of reducing the cost of their journey and traffic jams.

Uber focuses on sustainability

The American giant has presented this as a sustainability measure and part of its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Uber is aware that today, more than ever, reducing emissions is a major and urgent challenge. CEO “Dara Khosrowshahi” said in a press release, “Every day, we make dozens of choices that impact the planet, from the food we eat to the transportation we choose. While our personal values guide these decisions, so does convenience, which is why Uber is making it easier for millions of people to make greener choices, one ride and one delivery at a time. The small changes we’re announcing today add up to something big: integrating sustainability into the core user experience on our global platform to reach our zero-emissions goals together.”

There are times in life when you might need to drive yourself, whether it’s to run errands or take a weekend getaway. That’s why we’re developing Uber Carshare, our new product that lets you borrow a car when you need one, so you don’t have to own one.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of UBER

Uber has yet to share where the carsharing service might launch next. However, the company has prioritized high-density cities with a number of surrounding areas that may require a car to get around. Business to follow, because at this rate Uber Carshare risks overshadowing its competitor Turo