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Towards the end of AirAsia in Malaysia?

While SuperApps are in full expansion, Malaysia Airlines and Batik Air, two airlines based in Malaysia, have asked to be removed from the AirAsia SuperApp. As a reminder, the AirAsia SuperApp is one of the leading SuperApps on the Asian continent due to its variety of travel-related services. Given the growth of SuperApps, it is therefore legitimate to ask why leave such a platform. In this article, find out why Malaysia Airlines and Batik Air want to leave AirAsia.

A line not to cross in a competitive environment

The airline industry in Malaysia is very competitive, with several airlines offering similar services at competitive prices. This should not be at the expense of integrity and transparency of information. Consumers must have access to clear and accurate information on fares and flight schedules in order to make informed decisions about their travel.

Indeed, both airlines claimed that the app contained misleading information about their fares and flight schedules, which could mislead consumers. Malaysia Airlines and Batik Air said they had made several attempts to contact AirAsia to discuss the issues, but had received no satisfactory response from the rival airline.

We are deeply concerned about the use of our brand and flight schedules on the Airasia mobile app without our permission and with incorrect information. We request AirAsia to immediately remove all references to Malaysia Airlines on the app


Batik Air also expressed concern over the use of its brand and flight schedules on the Airasia app. In a statement, the airline said, “We request AirAsia to immediately stop using our name and flight schedules on their mobile app, and remove all incorrect information on it.”

A return too late…

AirAsia responded to the allegations by stating that it intends to work with Malaysia Airlines and Batik Air to resolve the problems with the Airasia mobile application. The airline further stated that it takes the concerns of both airlines very seriously and will work with them to resolve the issues quickly, but it is probably already too late.

Ultimately, it is important that all airlines adhere to ethical and commercial standards of fair competition and transparency of information. The concerns raised by Malaysia Airlines and Batik Air must be appropriately addressed to ensure that consumers receive accurate and reliable information to make informed decisions about their air travel.