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The European leader TIER Mobility is considering a merger

After two acquisitions, the Berlin-based micromobility operator is about to try again… Indeed, the media SkyNews has revealed a potential sale or merger for TIER Mobility. Zoom on this operation carried out with the American investment bank, Qatalyst Partners…

A choice driven by TIER investors

While TIER Mobility recently announced a strategic partnership with Gett, Gett is again looking for a way to grow its business. And it’s doing so with the support of SoftBank Vision Fund, one of the lead investors in its latest $250 million Series C round of funding. According to the SkyNews article, “industry sources said talks on external financing, which incorporated both equity and debt, did not produce satisfactory terms for Tier.” However, a talk to be used with reservations…

As a company, we do not comment on rumors or market speculation.


A well-honed acquisition strategy…

Valued at more than 2 billion dollars, TIER Mobility is now one of the leaders in its sector. A supremacy made possible in particular with the help of 647 million dollars raised since its launch in 2018. A considerable amount of money that will have allowed it to adopt a successful acquisition strategy.

Indeed, in November 2021, the unicorn had bought one of its German colleagues. Namely, the free-floating bike operator NextBike GmbH, present at the time in 28 countries. This first acquisition allowed TIER to expand its fleet by becoming the world’s first provider of micro-mobility on several modes of two wheels.

Barely 6 months later, the German group bought the micro-mobility start-up owned by Ford, Spin. This acquisition of more than 500 scooters and electric bikes was not a coincidence. Indeed, although mainly deployed in Europe, TIER Mobility had the ambition to conquer America. A market across the Atlantic, essentially held by Bird and Lime, the two American pioneers. Different acquisitions bringing the total fleet of the German giant to more than 270 000 scooters, deployed in more than 460 cities. A coverage that should evolve in the coming months…