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SNCF: Split payment of train tickets in soon possible!

Travelling is not affordable for everyone… And this, furthermore, with the galloping inflation. According to INSEE, the prices of SNCF train tickets have increased by 15. A figure later denied by the French railway company, which estimates the increase rather at 7%. To increase the buying power of its users, the French railway company has just announced the arrival next year of the split payment of train tickets. An announcement that should delight many travelers. However, this is subject to certain conditions…

Launch planned for summer 2023

From the total amount of the order to the types of train, the customer will not always be able to split the payment. Indeed, the SNCF announced that this will be applied only from a certain amount, not yet communicated. But also, only on the main lines, like the TGV or OUIGO. Criteria, thus excluding the regional offer with the TER. Moreover, this split payment can only be made online, up to five minutes before the departure of the train.

From the 20th of each month, the first reason for refusal of payment is ‘insufficient funds’. Split payment would allow these customers to buy their tickets anyway.


A feature that is on the rise…

Booming since the pandemic, split payments are now mentioned in all the fintech trends of 2022. Also known as BNPL, for “Buy Now Pay Later”, acquisitions and fundraising in this market are reaching records. Among them, we can mention the acquisition of Afterpay by Square for $29 billion in August 2021, or the latest raising of more than 130 million euros for the French startup Alma earlier this year.

A feature that today appears as a major ally for merchants. Presenting no extra cost or interest for the consumer, as reported by Journal du Net, when the split payment is applied directly, it has been proven that the average ticket has increased up to 25%, generating a positive impact on sales. Another study by Cardify.ai estimates that almost 1 in 2 people spend 10 to 40% more money using BNPL than with credit cards.

The SNCF has understood this… At the beginning of the year, the press had already relayed the call for tender launched last February. Currently, in phase 2, some companies are still in the competition. The name of the winner will normally be designated in September. We hope that this will be well implemented, but above all, if other mobility service providers will also jump on the bandwagon…