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Trenitalia: Conquering the French market with a strategic pivot for professionals

In just two years, Trenitalia has established itself as a key player in the French railway landscape, implementing ambitious strategies. This time, it has wisely decided to open up to the business clientele through a new portal, “Trenitalia Pro”. It aims to anticipate the future needs of professional travelers. This focus on quality, punctuality, and comfort goes well beyond national borders…

A tailored offering for professionals

Announced a few days ago, the launch of Trenitalia Pro marks a decisive step in addressing professional mobility. This offering, now available on its website and app under the “Serenità Pro” rate. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of business travelers, offering unmatched flexibility and ease of use.

We wanted to make it as simple as for leisure to facilitate the adoption by business travelers and significantly develop our sales in this segment.

Fabrice Toledano, Director of Marketing and Sales at Trenitalia France

For 19 euros in Standard class, 69 euros in Business, and up to 114 euros in Executive, professionals can now travel between Paris and Lyon. They benefit of favorable exchange conditions up to the last minute and without additional fees. This transparent and advantageous pricing policy reflects Trenitalia’s intention to adapt to the specifics of the professional market. An ecosystem where fluidity and responsiveness are essential selection criteria. Demanding professionals who already represent 45% of their clientele, “thanks to their adapted services, buying their tickets so far as leisure customers.”

To stand out, Trenitalia relies on good value for money, ease of use, onboard services, and the frequency of our Frecciarossa.

Marco Caposciutti, the new France President of trenitalia

Expansion and Partnership: Trenitalia’s Mantra

Trenitalia’s ambition is not limited to consolidating its presence on the Paris-Lyon axis; it’s much broader. The Italian company intends to strengthen its cross-border offerings. How ? By planning the upcoming opening of the Paris-Milan line and launching an unprecedented Paris-Geneva service in early 2025. The goal is clear: to establish itself as a credible alternative to SNCF and Eurostar on international routes.

For 2027-2028, we are also exploring projects for services from the Gare du Nord to London, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

Marco Caposciutti, the new France President of trenitalia

In parallel, Trenitalia has enhanced its strategy by distributing its offer through various channels. It is including TMCs (Amex GBT, Selectour, BCD Travel, FCM…), distributors like Trainline, Omio, and Kombo, or B2B TravelTech providers such as Rail Europe or Lyko. This commitment to integration and accessibility demonstrates its desire to make its services more accessible to businesses and travel agencies. It remains to be seen whether this commercial expansion strategy will allow Trenitalia to gradually establish itself in the European market…