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SEM Valloire deploys its new mobility platform, thanks to Lyko API

It’s official! The French startup, Lyko, announced a new collaboration with the ski resort SEM Valloire. Nestled at the foot of the Galibier, the Maurienne resort welcomes no less than 620 000 skiers during the high season (Source: Journal du net). To optimize access to their ski resort, they partner with Lyko. Back to the integration of their API and the launch of their new transport reservation platform. And all this in a record time of 2 weeks!

The mission : Fluidify while preserving

In summer as in winter, Valloire welcomes many visitors to its ski resort. Having the habit of going to the resort with their own car, the SEM Valloire wanted above all to encourage new travel habits. Well known for its wild fauna and flora, it was essential for them to preserve them by offering alternative modes of transport, which are both low-polluting and environmentally friendly, in favour of the car. It is from this issue that the Mobi Valloire was born.

A simple API, a multimodal app

Via its powerful API, it is now possible for any visitor to access a wide range of modes of transport to and from Valloire. In just a few clicks, they can book transport adapted to their needs and budget. As means of transportation, there are offers of carpooling, shared shuttle, a 5-seater sedan with a driver, or a 7-seater private van. In addition to this, one of the functionalities of our API allows you to post a carpooling ad. Convivial and eco-responsible, it’s an excellent way to meet other mountain enthusiasts and thus preserve the environment.

What’s more, if you book directly on the website, there are no unpleasant surprises! Summer and winter, the price of the trip is fixed in advance. Even during school holidays or at the last minute! Enough to better evaluate their holiday budget!

Exclusive package “Transport + Ski Pass”

To avoid the possible waiting at the resort’s cash desk, SEM Valloire also wanted to integrate the cross-selling of ski passes. Combining both transport and ski passes, the user can plan and book his or her ski holiday in just a few clicks. This was made possible in particular thanks to the advice offered by E-liberty, the world leader in digital ski ticketing solutions.

Our team of developers thus had the chance to learn and perfect their skills, in the integration of online ski pass ticketing. As a result of this collaboration, SEM Valloire is now the first resort to offer its visitors “a door-to-door trip combined with the purchase of a ski pass”, directly from its own website.

Laurent bouzon, COFOUNDER AND CEO at lyko

If, like SEM Valloire, you want to maximize your revenue while improving your customers’ travel experience, please feel free to visit the page dedicated to the TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY OFFER by Lyko.