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Savoie Mont Blanc Express, the new mountain MaaS solution

The tourism transition has been underway for several years, particularly in ski resorts, which are more exposed to natural hazards and risks. This issue has not escaped the attention of the major players in the mountains. Yesterday, the Savoie Mont Blanc agency was live in Paris to kick off the 2022/2023 winter season. During this meeting with the press, the 112 resorts of the agency presented their new strategic axes for the season. Many points were discussed in the future tourist season, but one in particular caught our attention… New this year, a door-to-door multimodal trip reservation service (MaaS).

The perfect travel assistant

Named Savoie Mont Blanc Express, the platform is scheduled to be launched this fall. Its goal? To simplify the lives of travelers. Designed in partnership with Antidots, a specialist in intelligent digital solutions, this project promises to considerably improve travel organization. This MaaS platform will allow travelers to book and pay for all their transportation from point A to point B in a single basket. Then, they will receive the tickets directly in a single email. And this from anywhere, including from abroad, to any of the 112 Savoie Mont Blanc resorts.

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Thus, the travel experience will be more efficient thanks to the optimization of time and cost. This transportation solution is based on the most comprehensive multimodal offer possible, including personalized itinerary calculations and combined pricing. The tool also makes it possible to combine different offers with the modes of transport proposed (plane, train, Altibus line, ski, bus and rental cars). A tool that goes beyond multimodal transport…

We are talking about intermodality because we go beyond a defined territory. The traveler can come or go from any destination in the world, our technology is able to handle the demand.

Grégory Guzzo, Associate Director of antidots

Building a more sustainable tourism

Climate change, global pandemic, demographic pressure… Mountain areas are facing many challenges that impact tourism. Faced with these challenges, the world’s leading winter sports destination, which it represents in France and internationally, is committed to a positive transition of the territory. “The objective is to offer more virtuous and eco-responsible alternatives from the point of departure to the accommodation” explains Gregory Guzzo. To this end, Savoie Mont Blanc Express will display the CO2 emissions of each mode of transport. This awareness will allow travelers to opt more for the train or carpooling. Today, many resorts or travelers value this eco-responsible dimension. To go further, discover our infographic on the subject “On the way to sustainable French ski-resorts“.

The tourism industry, and the ski industry in particular, is one of the economies most affected by the consequences of global warming. We have no choice but to adapt and reinvent tourism. And this by taking advantage of our landscapes, vast and diversified enough, and our inhabitants to consider new activities.

Antoine Pin, Directeur Protect our Winters France.