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RideLink: Vancouver’s new MaaS application

Urban mobility enters a new era in Vancouver with the launch of RideLink. A brand new multimodal transportation application, commonly known as MaaS, driven by public transport operator TransLink, car-sharing services Modo and Evo, and shared bike service Mobi. This promises to ease and transform the way city dwellers move around on a daily basis… Discover all the details of this ambitious 12-month pilot project…

A simplified travel experience

Now, it’s possible to plan your trip in the blink of an eye with RideLink. Public transportation, carpooling, bike-sharing, or all three at once? With just a few clicks, you can plan, book, and pay for your journey all from one application. Gone are the days of juggling between different apps or websites to organize your travels. With RideLink, everything is in one place, for a smooth, effortless travel experience.

People will consider multimodal transportation much more often if they can use a single application to plan, book, and pay for their trips across the city, instead of needing to consult multiple different apps to figure it out. This is the first step towards creating a truly seamless multimodal experience and reducing reliance on car ownership.


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Encouraging the adoption of multimodal travel

Thanks to RideLink, multimodal mobility is becoming more accessible than ever. By combining public transportation, carpooling, and bike-sharing services, the application paves the way for a new way of getting around the city. With over 200,000 registered users of bike-sharing and car-sharing services in Vancouver, this new application will allow users to easily transition from one mode of transportation to another. The goal is to further encourage users to consider multimodal travel.

Modo is proud to join TransLink, Mobi, and Evo in this partnership aimed at transforming how people move around in our region. We have long advocated for people to walk, bike, and use public transportation as primary choices, supplemented by the use of a shared vehicle when necessary. Thus, RideLink provides the platform for users to do so in a simple and convenient manner.

Patrick Nangle, CEO of Modo Co-operative

The data from TransLink’s first shared mobility pilot project have already shown that simplified booking and payment options increase the likelihood of users opting for multimodal trips. As part of the next phase of RideLink’s trial, TransLink will accept another 1,300 applications to test the application. Then, TransLink will collect feedback from participants over a year on the user-friendliness and ease of integration between services. Finally, this feedback will determine if the application will become permanent in the future.

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