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Review 2020 : The top 5 of our best articles

90… Here is the number of articles published this year on our blog. Between infographics, mobinews, mobi’ZAP, presentation of our product, portrait of a start-up/company, case study… In 2020, we tried to make you discover these new technologies & actors revolutionizing the mobility sector. But have you had the opportunity to read them all? If not, don’t panic, we have selected the top 5 of the most read and popular articles this year 2020. At the same time, we would like to thank you for your interest in our blog. We are happy to see that you like our articles and that they are shared. So thank you and now place in the ranking !

5. European tour of urban trip planning and booking applications (Infographic)

In fifth position, we find our infography revealing the different applications present on the French and European market. It is in this computer graphics that we revealed that 59% of Europeans declared themselves interested in MaaS or that the MaaS market, which is currently worth 6 billion dollars, should reach nearly 200 billion dollars by 2030.

4. COVID-19, transport and pollution : what lessons can be drawn from this crisis ? (Infographic)

More than 184 countries affected, more than 80 countries confined, … in March more than half of the world’s population was confined. Deserted streets, cars in the garage, several cities recorded historic levels of pollution in April. As a fervent supporter of sustainable and soft mobility, we took a closer look at these environmental upheavals through this infography.

3. How can MaaS reduce car space in city ?

Preferred mode of transportation and even more so in this period of pandemic, more and more cities are vying for ideas to drive vehicles out of their landscapes. City tolls, parking space suppression, low-emission zones,… Not always easy to implement, discover how MaaS can be a solution.

2. Let’s imagine and illustrate the MaaS application of tomorrow (Part 2/3)

Public transportation, trains, VTC, bicycles, cabs, scooters, car-sharing,… MaaS apps have the particularity of allowing the reservation of all these services within the same application. Technological complexity, there is also a complexity at the level of the optimization of the UX & UI design. Through this article, our Lead Designer, Igor Tcherepoff, reveals all his best advice and even shares with you the source files of his ideal MaaS application.

1. Ticket dematerialization: Focus on the market solutions

And finally in first position, this article, published this summer, presents the existing ticket dematerialization systems. Since the appearance of the magnetic card in the 2000s, twenty years later new and more innovative solutions have appeared. Open Payment, NFC, Bluetooth, QR Code, SMS,… Solutions which today with the pandemic have been adopted by many cities to respect the maximum barrier gestures.