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Renfe unveils Dōcō, its new MaaS application

Over a year ago, we were already telling you about the willingness of Renfe to embark on the MaaS (Mobility as a Service). Well, the Spanish railway company has officially launched, deploying Dōcō. Zoom in on this new multimodal platform expecting to attract no less than 650,000 new rail passengers per year…

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“An open, inclusive and integrative platform”

Previously known as RaaS for Renfe as a Service, the name Dōcō was ultimately chosen. A name derived from the contraction of the Spanish words “Dónde” (Where) and “Cómo” (How), perfectly summarizing the mission of the MaaS application. A multi-modal platform offering planning, booking and payment of trips on a national scale. On the other hand, the possibility of choosing the most economical, fastest or most sustainable route.

“With Dōcō, we want to simplify travel, making it easy to make medium-, short- or long-distance trips from your home or work to wherever you want to go.”


A desire claimed on its website to guarantee door-to-door trips. And for this, Dōcō has succeeded in integrating 5 different modes of transport, including trains of course. But not only… We also find on the application scooters, cabs, VTC and scooters. And very soon, bikes, subways and buses. Various mobility providers that we don’t know the name or the type of integration (deep-link or not).

A collaboration with NTT DATA and Siemens Mobility

Like most MaaS applications, Renfe also relied on the expertise of a MaaS provider. In its case, the Spanish railway company decided to trust Siemens Mobility and its subsidiaries. Among them, we find Hacon, Eos.uptrade, Bytemark & Padam Mobility. Four companies now recognized in the world of Smart Mobility.

A partnership that was also achieved by the firm Everis NTT Data. A subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, in charge in particular of the commercial aspect, including the marketing and legal level. Freshly launched, Dōcō already has a website, a LinkedIn page, Facebook, Instagram and a YouTube account. Currently looking for beta testers, the MaaS application announces the phased roll-out of all its features over the next few weeks. A launch to the general public that we hope will be much less controversial than its French counterpart…

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