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Qommute, the solution that revolutionizes passenger information

Having personalized information at the right time is the successful bet of the Marseille-based SME, Qommute. In a world where data consumption is only growing, being able to offer its customers coherent and reactive information has become essential. Created in 2005, the company wanted to respond to transportation-related issues. It therefore specialized in the development of software packages dedicated to public transportation, and more specifically passenger information. In addition, the solution enables a transportation network operator to disseminate information on unexpected events that have occurred. It should be noted that the information can be deployed on all existing media and channels. Focus on the multi-operator, multi-transport mode, multi-network and multi-media solution created by Qommute.

A strategic change that has paid off

Originally, Qommute was an Information Systems and Consultancy Company. In 2012, the start-up decided to change its strategy by becoming a software publisher. Capitalizing on the know-how acquired during previous missions for transport operators, the company decides to innovate. The result is the creation of a high value-added solution in the field of passenger information.

The software package helps transportation network operators to manage and distribute information. In particular, when unforeseen events take place (accidents, route changes, etc…). The solution will then facilitate the transmission of information on all existing media and channels: on fixed and on-board terminals, on mobile applications, websites, in buses, metros or tramways, as well as on social networks. Qommute automatically transforms data from the operational management rooms into audible and readable messages for passengers.

Tailor-made information, at the right time and to the right people

With the goal of becoming the standard for real-time passenger data exchange, Qommute decided to differentiate itself. As a result, the solution promotes the personalization of messages brought to customers. Indeed, the traveler is at the center of the SME’s concerns. First of all, the software ensures the improvement of the users’ life comfort. Secondly, it ensures that customer satisfaction is enhanced on all public transportation networks.

The solution developed by Qommute integrates a powerful scenario engine. Entities in charge of traveler information can use the tool to work on the basis of predefined scenarios. These predefined scenarios can be enriched with data and adapted to complex and changing situations. In particular, it is possible for users to define broadcast milestones as well as adapted and evolving messages. The result is an ability for companies to intervene almost in real time. This is a real challenge for mobility stakeholders.

How does Qommute work?

The solution works partly thanks to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The software package is integrated as an API in the applications of transport organizations. As for the hosting, it is done, On Premise (hosted on the customer’s platform) or in SaaS mode. In addition, the user has reporting tools allowing the implementation of dashboards. It is thus easy to analyze and process data (processing times, modes of transport impacted …). As a result, as Cyril Labi, CEO of Qommute, explains, two markets are being addressed at the same time: transport operators, on the one hand, who “until now have not had the tools to manage passenger information”, and on the other, transport organising authorities, who will have easy access to data.

In a context of democratization of mobility services, passenger information will play a major role in the economic performance of transportation network operators. It will also have an impact on customer satisfaction. Qommute understood this when it entered the market at an early stage.

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Today, the solution has been or is being deployed on 14 transport networks. This represents approximately 1000 information campaigns per day. The transport networks of Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg and Grenoble have already chosen Qommute. In 2019, the solution has also been implemented on the SNCF (French railway company) network at a national level. Finally, more recently, the company signed its first contract abroad. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to become the leading software package dedicated to passenger information in Europe.

Qommute, in a few key points :

  • 8 billion informed daily trips in France and Switzerland
  • 11 transportation network operators under contract
  • 2,000 users in charge of disseminating traveler information messages
  • A product that brings added value to the 3 players involved (transport organizing authorities , transport operators, passengers)
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