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Poppy launches Combo Rides, an exclusive feature on the shared mobility market

The announcement has just been made. On Friday 29 September, the Belgian company Poppy announced the launch of a new feature in its application. The company, which started out as a car-sharing business, has followed a rapid development path to meet the increasingly demanding needs of its customers. Find out more about this recent announcement, which once again demonstrates Poppy’s remarkable ability to innovate and take intermodality to the next level… A notion that we almost anticipated in our last report on car-sharing

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Combo Rides : from multimodality to intermodality

This announcement goes far beyond previous innovations… From now on, Poppy users will be able to seamlessly combine all the modes of transport available on the platform into a single unified booking. Called Combo Rides, this “most requested” feature by users allows them to switch effortlessly between an electric scooter and a car-sharing scheme. Or from a car to a van… And all with just one booking! But Poppy goes even further…

Have you ever booked a car, only to find that it was parked much further away than you expected? Where others might have seen an obstacle, Poppy saw an opportunity. Thanks to Combo Rides, it solves this problem by allowing users to unlock an electric scooter free of charge so that they can easily get to the vehicle they have booked… Conversely, this new feature also allows users to make the last part of a journey by scooter rather than by car. Rather practical for users who need to get to a destination where parking is difficult. A feature that is not only practical but also environmentally friendly, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Poppy, the key to easier urban mobility

With Combo Rides, Poppy is giving users unprecedented flexibility in managing their journeys around town. Users can now switch from one vehicle model to another during their journey. This flexibility responds to the different needs of users, whether it’s a need for more space or a different type of vehicle.

Poppy aims to improve the convenience of shared mobility and significantly reduce car use where it is inefficient. This new feature embodies that commitment to simplicity. From now on, its users will no longer have to juggle several applications. Or even make multiple bookings for their travel needs. A single booking, with the flexibility to switch from one mode of transport to another en route, makes urban mobility smoother than ever.

It’s a world-first commitment to making your mobility experience more convenient, efficient and enjoyable. At Poppy, we’re not just changing the way you move around the city; we’re changing the way you think about mobility.